Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Being and Becoming

The Consciousness of Being is eternal. Becoming is transient, but the process also goes on forever. The two are inseparable, like two sides of the same coin. To quote the introduction of my book:

„The Human race is endowed with the gene of immortality. Our genome can endure thousands, perhaps millions of years. But what of our consciousness? Can we achieve the awareness of the immortality of our self? The Gospel of Thomas claims that: “whosoever finds the explanation of these words shall not taste death.”

An international group of scholars provided me the translation of the Coptic text discovered in Nag Hammadi. The book, if you read it carefully, offers the Key to Immortality. It’s up to you. Only you can decide to be immortal. After all, heaven is within you.

Below a few blurbs from some 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Fantastic Book!
Quality Analysis
Beautifully written…
Incredibly fascinating
A very unique perspective!
Religious Verbiage Decoded
Thought Provoking and Transforming!
Blew My Mind. An Incredible Gospel Finding
Worth Buying, Worth Reading and Worth Recommending!

And there are more…

Let me know if you like the KEY, or better still, say so on Amazon… Reviews are gratefully appreciated. 

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