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With frequent sprinkling of humor and considerable intellectual prowess, the author exposes DELUSIONS masquerading under the guise of science and religion.
The author advances compelling arguments regarding Delusions ingrained and perpetrated by both, the religious and the scientific communities. He concludes that science/religion argument is equally as deluded on both sides of the equation, particularly when advanced from the preeminently fundamentalist point of view.

Excerpts from some 5 star reviews on Amazon.

“… a deeply humane appeal to reap the best of human inspiration, devoid of dogma, restoring, indeed pleading for, worshipful sanity derived from self-knowledge and true identity…. I thought it brilliant.” Philippa Rees, author of Involution

“It's wonderful to have a learned man like Stanislaw Kapuscinski around to wag his finger at fundamentalists from both the religious and scientific communities and do it with intelligence, kindness, and even humor. … I always look forward to reading something from Stan…” Kevin Lintner

“This is a very intellectually stimulating book. Stanislaw Kapuscinski is a true freethinker - he is not convinced by the dogmas of either religion or science, and he does a wonderful job of discussing both sides of this often-intractable debate. This is not a perspective that is easy to find - most authors are fairly committed to one of these two positions, whereas Kapuscinski is skillfully able to take a moderate median… Anyone who is interested in science and religion can (and should) read this book.”  John Allan

Some blurbs from 5 star reviews on Amazon:

Splendidly written!
Much to think about!
Intriguing and very brave!
Well deserving of a 5 star rating!
Well written and a fantastic read!
A mind-expanding philosophical joy ride!
I Love It When You Discover a Book Like This!!

And many more…

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