Monday, 26 August 2013

How to end ALL wars

Since the days of Isaac Newton, we know that every single one of us must bear the consequences of our actions. It is the law of physics with which all of us are already familiar.
Yeshûa, also known as Jesus, made similar claims. He added to Newton’s Law that: “all those who take the sword will perish by the sword.” Surely, this sentiment would apply to manufacturers of all objects that are intended to be used for killing. The manufactures seem to forget that they will also perish, if not in this life than the next.
But they will perish.
I have a proposal that would save the lives of all world arms manufacturers.

The only action that would terminate mass killings in ALL parts of the world would be if ALL arms manufacturers were placed permanently in jail and their fortunes confiscated. It would help if the leaders had the convictions to make the armaments illegal. Then, perhaps, we could also use the confiscated money to build schools in the areas destroyed by those very arms, to teach children Newton’s Laws. Evidently Moses and Yeshûa’s lessons did not reach the arms manufacturers’ ears.

I defy anyone in the countries listed below to deny that should my proposal be adopted, the number of killings (murder) in the world would diminish by a factor of millions. There would be an occasional stabbing, strangulation or a stray arrow from a primitive bow. Those who’d indulge in such actions would join the ex-arms manufacturers. The list below shows the billions of dollars spent by the offending culprits for the purpose of killing other human being.

Wikipedia provides us with an illustration of the degree of human perversion in the article, “Wikipedia, Arms Industry”. They list the billions of dollars spent by first ten offending countries. The same source claims that: “It is estimated that yearly, over 1.5 trillion dollars are spent on military expenditures worldwide”.

Spending ($ b.)

World Total

Does anyone have any idea how much poverty could be eliminated with 1.5 trillions dollars annually? Plus the money saved by not having to rebuild the damage the manufacturers have done?
Of course, with such unexpected affluence and millions of lives saved every year, we’d have to control our sexual urges. No problem… Pentagon alone could provide the whole world with contraceptives and still have billions left over to feed the starving.
Will people ever learn?

An international group of scholars provided a translation of the Coptic text discovered in Nag Hammadi. They go even further back than Newton. I offer my exegesis that might make the text more understandable. In contrast to mass killing, I call it the Key to Immortality. Let me know what you think. 

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Politics of Division

There are two ways of looking at politics. One is defined by a man who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you are looking forward to the trip. The other is to inspire others to tread gently along the precarious, difficult, unforgiving and often unpopular middle path. The first is responsible for political parties who look only after their own interests; the second by the few for whom the good of many takes priority.
Regrettably there are very few politicians of the second category. Very few indeed. We can easily guess which ‘method’ the vast majority of the governments of the world practices.
And yet the middle path had been advocated by Siddhartha Gautama. Most of us know of him as Buddha. He taught the concept of the Middle Path some 2500 years ago. Most politicians still haven’t heard about him.
Dalai Lama’s approach to restore stability and co-existence between Tibetan and the Chinese people is based on mutual co-operation—also known as the Middle Path.
The scholars tell us that Islam is a perfect balance and a middle way between any kind of extremism, between extreme harshness and extreme laxness. Unfortunately not many Muslims are scholars.
The Proverbs of the Torah advocate that we “Do not turn to the right nor to the left.” Sounds like the Middle Path to me. And Yeshûa referred to the “Straight and narrow path.” For the most part, the governments to which we are all encouraged to swear allegiance ignore all the Great Masters of the past.
Every Head of State, MUST always run as INDEPENDENT in order to serve everyone and not just a political party. ALWAYS.

So why are so many politician so determined to ignore the teaching of human heritage? Why do we have extremes in politics? There Conservatives and Liberals. Republicans and Democrats. Capitalists and Socialists. Communists and Dictators. The list goes on… Did none of them hear that divinity is what the opposites have in common?
There is no limit to the ignorance of the vast majority of politicians, which is now spreading to general population. And yet, Middle Path does work. Gandhi took it. No wonder they called him Mahatma, the Great Soul.

 Surely, if people as far back and 2500 years ago knew it as the only way to live, why are our politicians so incredibly ignorant? If our leaders do not advocate and follow the middle path, why should anyone follow them?
Shouldn’t we all blow our whistles? Every single one  of us? If we don’t we remain part of the many. Part of those still lost in the wilderness… We must remember that power is the opposite of love. (Power, Beyond Religion I)

There are many other delusions under which our worldview seems to operate. Some of these Delusions are outlined in my book. Read it and let me knew. I’d really like to hear from you. Or better still write me a review then other can benefit from it also. Thanks.

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Power of ONE

We’ve learned to equate the word love with closeness of relationship between two or more people. Sometimes we also apply it to our powerful attraction towards and object or a specific function, such as playing an instrument or even playing tennis. Yet, love is none of these.
Most women, even mothers, do not realize that even their feelings towards their own child are generated at hormonal level. Sometimes those slip and the opposite effect takes place. Hence, PPD, the postpartum depression, which affects up to 20% of all women giving birth.
As for mother’s seeming need to look after her child, the same is true, of course, of all the other animals. The maternal and paternal emotions are characteristic of the vast majority of animal kingdom. They are necessary for the survival of the species. Attachment is not love. Love is free.
So what of love?

Love is a byproduct of our intuitive though subliminal awareness that we are all ONE. That is the only reason why we are implored to “love our enemies.” By killing them we kill part of our own self. We diminish ourselves. We become less than what we could be. Ultimately veterans coming back from the front lines for many years suffer post traumatic stress disorder. In a way, they’d committed partial suicides over a number of years.
One cannot kill another without killing parts of who we are. 
And what might that be?
We cannot kill that which is immortal, but we can terminate its manifestation. Such problems reach beyond any religion that man created trying to understand the teaching of a number of Great Masters. Lao Tzu, Krishna, Buddha, Socrates, Yeshûa… they all tried to convey this concept to us. Until today, they have not succeeded.
Why? Because we think that our life is more important than somebody else’s. We continue to kill, which is the antithesis of love. 

Ultimately the power of One is the realization that at the depth of our consciousness we are all a Single Entity. This alone is love—the expression of Singularity. A single Soul, a single Mind, a single universe with multiplicity of expressions. With all the past and all the future. In that instant of realization we are immortal, and our power is also infinite, though, strangely enough, it only seems to work for the good of All. In that instant of eternity, we cannot tell the difference between “us and them”. In that moment we are ONE. 

If we take anyone’s life, one day, sooner or later, the balance will be restored. Such enigmas are discussed in my Beyond Religion series of essays. If they interest you, you’ll find them on Kindle, or Smashwords, or at any number of other distributors. Let me now what you think. A review would be nice, too. 


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Monday, 5 August 2013

The Purpose of Life

Life is the process of discovery of our true potential. It has been said, that we ought to leave our world in a better shape than we’ve found it. If not, our life was wasted.
We must never forget that we are ONE. The individual people are unique expressions of the Whole. And even as our physical body cannot function well when too many of our cells, organs and/or our systems are diseased or malfunctioning, so the universe suffers when we, the universal cells, do not perform the way we had been intended to act. Whatever happens, sooner or later the balance will be restored; if not in this embodiment then in the next. It really doesn’t matter. Every single unit of the individualized consciousness is fully and completely responsible for its performance.
You and I are just such unites. Good luck.
This is the difference between the manifested and the un-manifested universe. The un-manifested universe is perfect and its potential is infinite. To manifest this potential in a tangible form we and countless other species in all the endless assemblies of planets in endless multi-universes are needed to create a tangible image of this Infinite Potential that, in its equally as infinite benevolence strives to share with us its perfection.
The greatest gift that is bestowed on us is the ability to become aware of our indivisibility from the perfection of the whole. That makes us, at least in part, as perfect as the Whole is. And then, sooner or later the moment comes… and unto us a child is born… Unto us a new awareness is born, first rudimentary, then greater, and finally it swells to the realization that we are indivisible components of that that is immortal, infinite, perfect.

I mentioned before that in my view, the subconscious is the mental plateau which religions call heaven. Just the first plane of heaven, to be true, in which we still maintain our individuality, though which greater awareness of indivisibility. The words are virtually synonymous. We build this reality while here, on Earth, in the dualistic reality.
Later, “higher up”, we become expressions of mental matrices, that are even more integrated into the single matrix of the universe, then universes, then multiverse.
Ultimately we spread our wings and enrich to whole of the manifested reality.
Infinity does not recognize time. For some it is now. For other in a billion years, or so. But it will happen.
And then?
And then we might choose to start again. And again. We’re immortal, remember?

An image of the process is suggested in Winston’s Kingdom. To really enjoy it you might choose to read the whole of the Winston Trilogy: One Just Man, Elohim—Masters and Minions, and finally Winston’s Kingdom. Who knows, you might come up with an even more exciting future. 

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