Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Politics of Division

There are two ways of looking at politics. One is defined by a man who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you are looking forward to the trip. The other is to inspire others to tread gently along the precarious, difficult, unforgiving and often unpopular middle path. The first is responsible for political parties who look only after their own interests; the second by the few for whom the good of many takes priority.
Regrettably there are very few politicians of the second category. Very few indeed. We can easily guess which ‘method’ the vast majority of the governments of the world practices.
And yet the middle path had been advocated by Siddhartha Gautama. Most of us know of him as Buddha. He taught the concept of the Middle Path some 2500 years ago. Most politicians still haven’t heard about him.
Dalai Lama’s approach to restore stability and co-existence between Tibetan and the Chinese people is based on mutual co-operation—also known as the Middle Path.
The scholars tell us that Islam is a perfect balance and a middle way between any kind of extremism, between extreme harshness and extreme laxness. Unfortunately not many Muslims are scholars.
The Proverbs of the Torah advocate that we “Do not turn to the right nor to the left.” Sounds like the Middle Path to me. And Yeshûa referred to the “Straight and narrow path.” For the most part, the governments to which we are all encouraged to swear allegiance ignore all the Great Masters of the past.
Every Head of State, MUST always run as INDEPENDENT in order to serve everyone and not just a political party. ALWAYS.

So why are so many politician so determined to ignore the teaching of human heritage? Why do we have extremes in politics? There Conservatives and Liberals. Republicans and Democrats. Capitalists and Socialists. Communists and Dictators. The list goes on… Did none of them hear that divinity is what the opposites have in common?
There is no limit to the ignorance of the vast majority of politicians, which is now spreading to general population. And yet, Middle Path does work. Gandhi took it. No wonder they called him Mahatma, the Great Soul.

 Surely, if people as far back and 2500 years ago knew it as the only way to live, why are our politicians so incredibly ignorant? If our leaders do not advocate and follow the middle path, why should anyone follow them?
Shouldn’t we all blow our whistles? Every single one  of us? If we don’t we remain part of the many. Part of those still lost in the wilderness… We must remember that power is the opposite of love. (Power, Beyond Religion I)

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