Monday, 5 August 2013

The Purpose of Life

Life is the process of discovery of our true potential. It has been said, that we ought to leave our world in a better shape than we’ve found it. If not, our life was wasted.
We must never forget that we are ONE. The individual people are unique expressions of the Whole. And even as our physical body cannot function well when too many of our cells, organs and/or our systems are diseased or malfunctioning, so the universe suffers when we, the universal cells, do not perform the way we had been intended to act. Whatever happens, sooner or later the balance will be restored; if not in this embodiment then in the next. It really doesn’t matter. Every single unit of the individualized consciousness is fully and completely responsible for its performance.
You and I are just such unites. Good luck.
This is the difference between the manifested and the un-manifested universe. The un-manifested universe is perfect and its potential is infinite. To manifest this potential in a tangible form we and countless other species in all the endless assemblies of planets in endless multi-universes are needed to create a tangible image of this Infinite Potential that, in its equally as infinite benevolence strives to share with us its perfection.
The greatest gift that is bestowed on us is the ability to become aware of our indivisibility from the perfection of the whole. That makes us, at least in part, as perfect as the Whole is. And then, sooner or later the moment comes… and unto us a child is born… Unto us a new awareness is born, first rudimentary, then greater, and finally it swells to the realization that we are indivisible components of that that is immortal, infinite, perfect.

I mentioned before that in my view, the subconscious is the mental plateau which religions call heaven. Just the first plane of heaven, to be true, in which we still maintain our individuality, though which greater awareness of indivisibility. The words are virtually synonymous. We build this reality while here, on Earth, in the dualistic reality.
Later, “higher up”, we become expressions of mental matrices, that are even more integrated into the single matrix of the universe, then universes, then multiverse.
Ultimately we spread our wings and enrich to whole of the manifested reality.
Infinity does not recognize time. For some it is now. For other in a billion years, or so. But it will happen.
And then?
And then we might choose to start again. And again. We’re immortal, remember?

An image of the process is suggested in Winston’s Kingdom. To really enjoy it you might choose to read the whole of the Winston Trilogy: One Just Man, Elohim—Masters and Minions, and finally Winston’s Kingdom. Who knows, you might come up with an even more exciting future. 

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