Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Power of ONE

We’ve learned to equate the word love with closeness of relationship between two or more people. Sometimes we also apply it to our powerful attraction towards and object or a specific function, such as playing an instrument or even playing tennis. Yet, love is none of these.
Most women, even mothers, do not realize that even their feelings towards their own child are generated at hormonal level. Sometimes those slip and the opposite effect takes place. Hence, PPD, the postpartum depression, which affects up to 20% of all women giving birth.
As for mother’s seeming need to look after her child, the same is true, of course, of all the other animals. The maternal and paternal emotions are characteristic of the vast majority of animal kingdom. They are necessary for the survival of the species. Attachment is not love. Love is free.
So what of love?

Love is a byproduct of our intuitive though subliminal awareness that we are all ONE. That is the only reason why we are implored to “love our enemies.” By killing them we kill part of our own self. We diminish ourselves. We become less than what we could be. Ultimately veterans coming back from the front lines for many years suffer post traumatic stress disorder. In a way, they’d committed partial suicides over a number of years.
One cannot kill another without killing parts of who we are. 
And what might that be?
We cannot kill that which is immortal, but we can terminate its manifestation. Such problems reach beyond any religion that man created trying to understand the teaching of a number of Great Masters. Lao Tzu, Krishna, Buddha, Socrates, Yeshûa… they all tried to convey this concept to us. Until today, they have not succeeded.
Why? Because we think that our life is more important than somebody else’s. We continue to kill, which is the antithesis of love. 

Ultimately the power of One is the realization that at the depth of our consciousness we are all a Single Entity. This alone is love—the expression of Singularity. A single Soul, a single Mind, a single universe with multiplicity of expressions. With all the past and all the future. In that instant of realization we are immortal, and our power is also infinite, though, strangely enough, it only seems to work for the good of All. In that instant of eternity, we cannot tell the difference between “us and them”. In that moment we are ONE. 

If we take anyone’s life, one day, sooner or later, the balance will be restored. Such enigmas are discussed in my Beyond Religion series of essays. If they interest you, you’ll find them on Kindle, or Smashwords, or at any number of other distributors. Let me now what you think. A review would be nice, too. 


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