Monday, 22 February 2016

Inquiry into Nature of Being

The Essays will restore confidence in your own judgment; they will help you to become master of your own destiny. Recently updated, you are offered always perceptive, often humorous, as often deep reflections on the Nature of Being. The author delves into ancient myths and scriptures as well as into the latest scientific discoveries to share his Perception of Reality. (Intro.)


You are invited to join a curious mind on a journey to explore the reality we live in—to examine the truth, the half-truth, and the lies. In the Second Collection, Kapuscinski delves into diverse ancient scriptures, as well as into the latest scientific discoveries. The author also demonstrates his unique perspective on subjects dealing with life and death.
The Essays do not claim to give you facile answers. They do claim to awaken in you a desire to think for yourself, to rely on your own judgment, to give you confidence to face the world on your own terms. (Intro.)

 Anyone searching these pages for quick, glib, answers will be disappointed. I would rather my readers treated my essays as a menu of exotic dishes, perhaps a silver tray of hors-d’oeuvres, which they might taste, relish, ponder upon their esoteric ingredients, and if still tempted—swallow. (Intro.)

Excerpts from 5 star reviews on Amazon.

“Open your mind, and let these essays touch you. Many of the essays influenced me right away, some required some reflection and additional thought (and opening of MY mind the way the author obviously has), and some I have bookmarked to read again”, wrote Ronald Piecuch.

“Stanislaw Kapuscinski's thoughts are exposed here with a brilliant voice that supports a foundation to wonder for yourself. His humor keeps the subject matter light and inviting while his revelations are inspiring and life changing,” wrote Ally McMahon

A potentially life changing collection of essays. It explains how you can fully believe in a Higher Spirit without absolutely having to subscribe to one religion in particular,” wrote Lucas M.

Some blurbs from 5 star reviews on Amazon of Volumes I, II, and III

Thought provoking
Brilliance at its Best!
Open Your Mind and Enjoy
The nature of truth and reality
Fascinating and Thought Provoking!
Deep, reflective, and highly intellectual!
Always an eye-opening journey with Law

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