Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Myth or Fact

Omnipresence of God was not, and still doesn’t appear to be, an acceptable concept to man. Until the teaching of Yeshûa (later known as Jesus), the idea of a god in “spirit” was beyond the understanding of most men. Of most people. Until Yeshûa, gods had been personified, individualized, assigned specific powers and attributes. Just like us, humans, in our insignificant ways.
Gods had the power to punish or reward the mortals, a concept readily adopted by Christianity for the sole purpose of controlling its faithful. Yeshûa’s affirmation that his Father punishes no man, was, and still is, studiously ignored.
Gods seldom if ever descended to earth. They abided in ‘heaven’, somewhere ‘up among the stars’. The lowest they ever deemed to descent was to mountaintops, to the very peaks of our Valley of Tears.
There were many such peaks.
In Judaism and descendant religions there was Mount Sinai. Their god didn’t exactly live there, but he chose to manifest his will from its lofty heights. Billions belonging to four leading religions of the world, Jains and Hindus among them, venerate Mount Kailash. Apparently god Shiva had chosen to stay there. The Zoroastrians venerate a purely mythical mountain, the Hara Berezaiti. Closer to home, the Roman god of fire, Vulcan, kept warm atop Mount Etna.
But probably the most famous of all was Mount Olympus. In Greek mythology it was the home of Twelve Olympians, (perhaps the precursors of the twelve apostles), who shared their home atop the Mytikas peak. To this day this mountain remains the source of many legends, and, indeed, an inspiration for my book, OLYMPUS—of Gods and Men. Its environs promised aegis from the turmoil that was sweeping the whole world. It seemed that some of my heroes might have been latest incarnations of some Greek gods, who for others live on only in the ancient myths. Below, a brief introduction to my story:

Even as all hell breaks loose in “Pluto Effect” (Book 2 of my Trilogy) our heroes escape to Milos, their beloved Greek Island. There under the aegis of Ambrosia and her family, they survive apocalyptic global upheavals, caused by reversal of polarity of magnetic poles. As governments and social structures collapse, a small group of advanced beings in a few sanctuaries assure survival of the remnants of human heritage. Eventually, Simon awakens to a new reality in which people become aware of magnificent powers lying dormant within them.

The gods may have indeed protected them from their wrath. While Yeshûa’s god could not behold evil, the Greek gods were subject to the same cycles of reincarnation as we all are, and thus in danger of succumbing to the same foibles.
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PS. You might enjoy OLYMPUS more if you begin with books One and Two of the Trilogy.  
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