Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Many and the Few

Around 626 B.C., in the days of Judah, prophet Habakkuk, stated that God cannot behold evil. His actual words (in Habakkuk 1:13) were:

“You are of purer eyes than to behold evil,
and cannot look on wickedness…”
In the NT, John (5:22) reiterates the axiom saying:
“For the Father judges no man,
but has committed all judgment to the Son,”

…and son, as we know, is every person who does the Father’s will. Psalm 82:6 assures us: “Ye are gods, and ALL OF YOU sons of the Most High”. On a good day, that’s you and me, and hopefully, a few others. We must pass judgment on our thoughts and the resulting actions. Nobody ‘upstairs’ will punish or reward us. We sow and we reap, according to Universal Laws. So said Yeshûa, one of His sons.
Unfortunately, most religions ensuing from the Judeo Christian doctrine state, or at last act, otherwise; yet did not ‘excommunicate’ Habakkuk (as they’d done later, Baruch Spinoza). They just ignore him, as they ignore most of the scriptures. We/they fornicate, we steal, we kill, we hate our enemies, etc, etc., but we continue to call ourselves Christians and Jews.

But I digress. This blog does not concern itself with the choices which Christians or Jews make in relation to the writings to which they refer as “The Word of God”.
No matter.
The point is that the concept of “good and evil” is an integral part or a dualistic reality. The Source, to which some refer to as YHVH, others as God, is a Singularity. IT is, one might say, what there was before the Big Bang. Still is. Or IT may be omnipresent. Always was and always will be, like the Potential with an inherent need to manifest ITS presence through infinite diversity.
It seems to me that we are integral components of this diversity. And once we develop our sense of awareness of being part of the Whole, we can, and some of us do, partake in the creative process. Here, on Earth, in Andromeda, in all other galaxies. Other Universes? We move around or we’d like to. Or, so it seems.

Divinity, however, remains at rest. IT is already omnipresent. Here, and elsewhere, ITS creative urge is sustained by the Few who balance not only the Many, but even those who are not aware of the Many or of the Few. The three groups consist of the Few who are “wide-awake”; of those who heard the truth but are not yet sure how to follow its precepts; and the vast majority who don’t know that there is such a thing as a waken state. Like the 1,645 billionaires spread around the world who have never heard about the eye of a needle, or a camel. Yet… they rule the illusory reality. Or they think they do.

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