Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Necessity of Immortality

It is often hard to accept that every single one of us has a purpose to our life. It is even harder to believe, that each one of us is absolutely indispensable to the workings of the Universe, be it the phenomenal world or the realities hidden, as yet, from our senses. While single Individualizations of Omnipresent Intelligence control swarms of certain lower manifestations of life, such as insects, bacteria, or viruses, Homo sapiens are hosts to unique Expressions of the Whole.
Hence, the necessity of reincarnation.
As the Source of our Being is beyond time and space, we, Its Individualizations, will continue to reincarnate ourselves into the phenomenal reality until our function for which we became incarnated is fulfilled. Such are the Universal Laws, and they, as we know, cannot be broken. If they could, the Universe wouldn’t exist any more. After all, it is the journey that matters.

And this brings us to the story of SACHA. A lad born to talented parents, he showed early signs of being different. From a very early age he seemed preoccupied with the purpose of his life. In fact, he was trying to figure out what he was doing in a human body. He was obsessed with the idea that he’s not of this world and that he is here, on Earth, only to carry out a specific if mysterious mission.
He also believed that he could not go back to his own country, whatever that was, until his enigmatic mission was fulfilled. He never realized that his eventual success might result in dire consequences to those who dared to stand in his way.

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High Stakes!
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How about you? Do you think it is worth your while? Only remember Alex Prosper’s (one of the reviewers) words:
I highly recommend readers start from Book One, and read in order. The stories work independently, but the layers of growth and understanding build one upon each other towards a memorable conclusion.”
We all have a destiny to fulfill. Whether it will take us one lifetime or a thousand, it’s up to us. One thing is certain. The rewards awaiting those who meet their destiny are beyond measure.
Beyond human understanding.
Let me know what you think. On Amazon. Please?

 (Alexander Trilogy Book III)

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