Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Omnipresent Amorphous Energy

Most people seem unaware of the realities which combine or merge to give us the experience of life. While the omnipresent Formless Energy characterized by infinite attributes of Creative Potential remains static, life alone offers change, hence evolution, hence diversity.
Hence — Being and Becoming.
It is interesting to note that as the Amorphous Energy initiates movement, or rates of vibration, all rates emanating from Its static form are active simultaneously, in all realities of the Universe, or Multiverse, converting the passive into active manifestation of the Creative Impulse.
Each reality, in which a specific rate of vibration is dominant, is governed by its own laws. Our ignorance of them in no way mitigates the consequences of breaking them. The only way we can avoid such consequences is, first and foremost, by learning what are the Laws that govern them. People, who developed the ability of OBE (Out of Body Experience) or, what is much easier, of Lucid Dreaming, know exactly what I am talking about. For example, while in a Lucid Dream we can pass unharmed through solid walls, we are apt to incur a painful bump on our heads if we attempt to do so with open eyes. The reason is that in this reality imagination is an added dimension, and whatever we imagine becomes part of subjective reality. Essentially, seeing a wall makes it solid, not seeing it makes it void.
Echoes of this phenomenon can be experienced in physical reality, though mostly when dealing with emotions.
Although I have not ventured much beyond the first few realities (or what Paul of Tarsus called heavens) such quirks are true of all realities wherein faster rates of vibration generate, and are subject to, different laws. Everyone can get an inkling of this when they recall the experiences they had while dreaming.

A good start leading to the acceptance of this thesis would be to examine Albert Einstein’s premise that there is no ‘matter’, that “all is energy at different rates of vibration”. As we have eliminated matter from the equation of reality, the next step is to redefine other intangibles, which at present lie in the domain of psychiatrists, or even religions, and include them in the universal cocktail of realities, which we call our home.
Thoughts, emotions, imagination, and suchlike must all be accepted as energies generated at different rates of vibration, and thus resulting in different experiences of Becoming. Only then Einstein’s postulate that “all is energy” becomes all-inclusive and thus complete.

It is vital to note that while all rates of vibration are concurrent in our, i.e. phenomenal reality, only the slowest rates are discernible to our primitive senses. Gifted people, mystics and some artists, can reach beyond the usual limitations of Homo sapiens. Hopefully evolution will increase our perceptions. There is no hurry. Nothing in our Universe can be created nor destroyed. It can only metamorphose within the state of the Eternal Now.
The permanent state of Being. 

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