Sunday, 29 November 2015

Normal, Paranormal, Supernormal

Albert Einstein once said that Imagination is everything. That thinking gets you from A to B, but imaginations takes you far beyond. And this, surely, is true of Alec.
Alec, the future Alexander Baldwin Ph.D., was only thirteen when his story began. Not different from other boys except, perhaps, for his excessive shyness. That must have been why he escaped into a world of his dreams, conscious, inspiring dreams, where his aspirations could be fulfilled.
We all have access to Alec’s realm, yet few of us take advantage of it. In our dreams we can be anything we want to be. Unbeknownst to must of us, the feats we accomplish in the realm of our imagination are just as real, in that realm, as anything we could possibly accomplish here, in this illusory reality of the phenomenal Universe. Whatever we do is stored for future reference, for future use, in the indestructible memory storage of our Subconscious. The whole Universe benefits from the memories stored in each and everyone of us. We are all indispensible components of the phenomenal Universe. While it is transient, that which brought it into being remains forever.
Perhaps one of the must surprising aspects of memory is that, while in phenomenal reality (that’s here and now) we tend to take life fairly if not very seriously, in upper realms, and there’s an infinite number of them, we are indestructible. There is a most amazing consequence of this fact. Our indestructibility is directly responsible for the development of our sense of humour. People who know that they are immortal, cannot possibly not enjoy it. We can conduct our becoming in ‘normal’, everyday, illusory reality. Alternatively we can reach out to the paranormal, where TV ghosts, vampires, ghouls and disembodies entities hold sway. Finally we can reach higher up, or frankly deeper in, to reach the realm of the supernormal, where we actually become disembodied entities and nothing is impossible for us.

Alec did all three. While doing his best in the earthy reality he’d step out into transient, yet to him very real, dreams, wherein he matched conquests of Sir Galahad. And then, almost by accident, he reached out into the realm of the Supernormal. There, and only there, he found real freedom.
If you suspend your doubts and accept Einstein’s assurances of the importance of imagination, and also pay heed to his postulates that—although we call it ‘normal’—our earthly existence is NOT real; that matter does not exist, that all is energy; that NOTHING in this or any other world or realty can be destroyed, your life will change. It will change diametrically.
You’ll develop a divine sense of humour.
You’ll develop a sense of humour that is born from knowledge that you are omnipotent, invincible, and immortal. You’ll finally understand the ancient adage offered us thousands of years ago by King David who assures us that we are gods.
You’ll become a master of your Universe.
Welcome to Alec’s world. 

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