Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Beyond Human Reality

There is only one field in which the human species is superior to the rest of the animal kingdom. We are the species of gadgeteers. We create gadgets for the sole purpose of avoiding the dictates of evolution while reducing us to lazy biological robots. The rest of animal kingdom seems superior to us in many ways.
Elephants are stronger. Tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and dozens of herbivores, run faster. Cats and dogs and many other species can smell better, hear better, climb better, hold better balance. Fish can swim faster and deeper; birds can fly higher; butterflies have evolved a GPS which enables them to find a specific tree thousand of miles away. Cockroaches, which walked the earth hundreds of millions of years ago are, by our standards, virtually immortal. As intelligence is often defined as the ability to survive, they leave us way behind! They can also live for weeks without their heads. Among humans only politicians can match this. They allocate billions of dollars to develop ways to kill other politicians, and hundreds of millions of other humans as collateral damage.
And the rest of us?
We produce gadgets.
Einstein feared that as electronic technology sweeps the world, humans are doomed to regress into a species of idiots. 
A whole generation of idiots!

The purpose of evolution is not to produce a single superior species, but to increase the creative diversity of the omnipresent amorphous energy. So far only humans devised a way to oppose Universal Laws. We even developed methods to make our planet uninhabitable. We, and only we, are that stupid, that obstreperous, that selfish, rowdy, truculent, riotous, undisciplined, and refractory as to destroy the home of all other species—just to sate our greed.
We do NOT live up to our potential.
Only the state of balance offers conditions from which progress ensues. Inventions motivated by belligerent, jingoistic, let alone militaristic aspirations, are always destructive.

The intent of the creative process is twofold. At the unconscious level we continue to improve our brains; secondly: we are intended to learn to use them. In the meantime, good ideas, not quite developed to their potential, are recycled through the process we know as reincarnation.
Our physical bodies are ground into dust. They have no substance. At present, as already mentioned, with the exception of very few individuals, the human species is devolving into a generations of idiots, while others animals, hopefully, continue to advance. 

And this brings us to our friends. We call them pets. We say we love them, yet, we often treat them as inferior species. It may be true that dogs have their masters, but those masters pick up their poop. As for cats… well, they don’t have masters. They have their staff. That’s us.
Buy it, read it, and say hello to your pets for me. They are endowed with telepathic powers. They’ll know who I am. And then say it on Amazon for others to know. 

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