Monday, 9 November 2015

Masters of the Universe

When the prophets of yesteryear told us that “We are Gods”, they didn’t deny other gods, such as Elohim, who created our world, but rather affirmed that we, too, have the power to create such reality as we manage to construct with our minds and emotions from the amorphous energies permeating the Universe.
We start slowly, manipulating energies, which have slowed down their rates of vibration to be perceived by us, apprentice gods, by or with our senses. That’s how Peter Thornton who, at subconscious level, became aware of his healing powers. Gradually, his powers would expand to greater control over his gifts.
Later his teacher, Winston Smith, who, as all great teachers do, assumed a most insignificant role of a butler, took him through his paces, until Peter was able to cope on his own. When his other charges matured, Winston departed to assume higher duties, to which we shall gradually all aspire. 
This in a nutshell is my Winston Trilogy.

The concept of our Earth, which we have inherited from our parents, is close to ridiculous. We now ‘know’ that our planet is has around 4.5 billion years, as against our galaxy, which is estimated to be some 13.21 billion years old. Our astrophysicists tell us that the universe popped into phenomenal existence some 14 billion years ago, only a fraction older than our galaxy. Any reasonable person will guess that this must be blatant nonsense.  Any time now the scientists will add a few billion years to our Universe, to give it is some gravitas. In fact, they already ‘created’ other universes, calling them communally ‘multiverse’. Equating the age of the universe with that of our galaxy is as puerile as the geocentric philosophy of the middle ages. 
Hence, it is self evident that if within a mere 4.5 billion years our brains have reached our present abilities, ‘people’ some 3 or 4 billion years older than we are, must have made considerable advances over the use of our biological computers.
It stands to reason that the Omnipresent Intelligence, with infinite potential of creative power, is amusing Itself with developing individualizations of Itself by striving, endlessly, to diversify Its infinite Potential.
We, you and I, are but seedlings of yet another experiment, such as all animal life is, which has, or is gaining awareness of, yet another diversity. 

Winston’s Kingdom, Book Three of the Winston Trilogy goes through the paces of development of our immediate future, perhaps as little as a million years or so, when we shall develop the ability to use our ever-evolving brain to master greater responsibilities in this glorious Universe of ours. We shall develop transient realities we can’t as yet even dream about.
Later, when we grow stale, our abilities will be absorbed into the Whole. Later still, in the fullness of time that is beyond time, enriched by our experience, the Omnipresent Potential will start once again, this time on a higher spiral, the eternal process of diversification.
See you there. 

Book III of the
Winston Trilogy

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