Saturday, 21 November 2015

Beyond Religion

By the subtitle of my “Beyond Religion” series I wanted to impress on the readers the two fundamental aspects of human nature, that of Being and Becoming. Heretofore, the overwhelming majority of us have been preoccupied only with Becoming. Yet, beyond the ever-changing realm of Becoming, of the reality we call 'life’, there is the oasis of absolute stillness, of irrepressible peace in which neither time nor space have any influence. Some call this reality God, some heaven. I call is the Source, of the Prime Cause of all that was, is, or even could be exists in its Potential Form.
This, of course, is not accurate. As Baruch Spinoza justly observed, neither God nor the Source can be defined. What is more, the Source of the amorphous energy from which all energies evolve, by definition has neither form nor sound, nor any characteristics that could be defined, and thus limited, by human terms.
It is the Realm of Being.
Being is real.
Becoming is a constantly changing illusory reality we produce from the ideas born in our Unconscious, which when stimulated by our subconscious (memory storage of previous experience), lead to a diversity of effects in the phenomenal Universe, perceptible to our physical senses. This latter reality is transient, and loses its perceptibility the moment we remove our attention from it.
Nothing we recognize with our senses is real. All is construct of energies at different rates of vibration. This includes our thoughts and emotions as well as those rates of vibrations our physicists define as ‘physical’.

These collections of essays deals not only with stepping Beyond Religion, but also with reaching out beyond the images of phenomenal reality, which heretofore was based on traditions that long ago have lost their usefulness. Even His Holiness, Pope Francis admits that “the traditional notion of God is outdated”. The problem with time is that it refuses to keep still, whereas our true nature, anchored in the inexhaustible Potential, never moves.
It cannot. It has no need.
It is already omnipresent—indivisible from that which was, is, and forever will be the only reality that never changes. People who call this reality God must be warned that it is NOT unto image of man. Nevertheless, the Source is omnipresent, hence also within man. The art is to detect it within oneself.

In essence, we are pure Consciousness inseparable from the Omnipresent Source. We find our expression through a diversity of forms. We partake in both. In Being and Becoming.
This is the secret of life.

Recently scientists gave us a helping hand. Having been told that our physical bodies are essentially empty space, and that there is no matter, that all is energy, pointed the prow of our ships in the right direction. Inwards. Only there we shall find the Source from which all energies flow, constantly combining and metamorphosing, to create transient images of inexhaustible ideas.

Inquiry into the Nature of Being.

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