Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Next Step of Evolution

It is ludicrous to assume that there is no evolution, that people a million years ago had the same ability to e.g. destroy all life on Earth as we have now. That’s one way to define evolution. Surely, sooner or later we, the human race, must take the next step in our upward, or perhaps inward, journey. Now that scientists assure us that “all is energy”, there is no reason to assume that constructs such as our brain cannot be formulated from quanta vibrating at higher rates, perhaps enabling us to perform more complex creative (or destructive, eg.: Novas and suchlike) acts than we can at present.
Contrary to popular belief, evolution does not consist of us inventing more complex technologies, which continue to reduce our inherent abilities. Instead, the next step will be related to the degree to which we have improved our capacity to use our innate talents and express them through the bodies we occupy. It has been suggested that at present most of us utilize only a fraction of our brain’s capacity. Some of the one hundred billion neurons are used by our Subconscious to run our physical bodies. The rest, we must assume, lie idle waiting for a better day.  
All of us are equipped with a brain we hardly use.
The phenomenal world  (the reality our senses record as ‘real’) will continue. New ideas incarnated into various life-forms will continue to increase exponentially the diversification of the creative potential in all realities.  Meanwhile, some of us will be given a chance to experience higher vibrations at conscious level. Only awareness of such rates of vibrations can offer experience of higher realities. To do so, we must accept that ideas, thoughts, and emotions are energies at higher rates of vibrations.

The creative process originates in the Unconscious, and gradually solidifies into illusory manifestations. This comes about by the slowing down of the rate of vibrations of the omnipresent amorphous energy. Ideas are transformed into thoughts (symbols of those ideas); then expand through imagination. Finally we ignite them with emotional energy. This process results in a phenomenal reality in which the rate of vibration of the original energy has been slowed down sufficiently to appear solid to our primitive senses.

To be given the privilege of taking part in the creative process, in Becoming, to face new challenges, to become aware of the creativity of other Individualizations of the Omnipresent Source, is the greatest gift we can experience.
It is the Gift of Life.
This single realization, advocated by Socrates more than two millennia ago with words, “Now thyself”, is the true beginning of our life—of real awareness of our Becoming. Until that auspicious day we remain only half-alive. Buddha would have called us asleep, Yeshûa… dead.
Please, please, wake up… and come alive.

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