Friday, 13 November 2015

Headless World

Some of you may have read the Avatar Syndrome. I hope you enjoyed it. “Headless World” is the sequel though it may be enjoyed independently of the prequel. While part one concerns itself with the marriage of mind and emotions, or the consequence of uniting the left and right hemispheres of the brain, in Headless World I attempted to illustrate what might happen if the two aspects of our dualistic personality run amok.
The problem with what we regard as ‘divinity’ is that such concept wields power; ultimately, at least in theory, absolute power. And power, as we all know, corrupts. One look at the oligarchies throughout the world removes any doubt about this theses.
The problems ensue from our concept of ‘divinity’.  Religions have imposed their concept of good and evil, virtually ignoring Universal Laws. They also ignored the maxim expressed by in the phrase, “My Father cannot behold evil.” Indeed “good and evil” are purely human inventions. They originate from another ancient parable, that of the Apple of Eden, which resulted in the concept of dualistic reality, which in turn, contrary to popular opinion, is not real. The phenomenal universe is the final, decaying consequence of the creative process, i.e. in the way we convert ideas into thoughts, into emotions, and stimulate them with our imagination.
The process is real, whereas the consequences discernable to our physical senses are transient and illusory. According to physicists ‘matter’ is virtually empty space. Einstein assured us that matter does not exist at all—that all is energy at different rates of vibration.
And that’s the rub.
Emotions are the last phase of the creative process. The further we drift away from our Unconscious, the more emotionally inspired are the results. Emotions also drive our need for power. Power leads to wars. No directives such as “though shalt not kill,” or “love thy enemy”, had been ever taken seriously; neither by laic nor by ecclesiastic authorities. Power corrupted both equally.
To repeat, the further our egos drift away from the amorphous energy of the Unconscious the slower the rates of vibration, and the greater the separation from our true ethereal nature. No war had ever been initiated with our minds. Fighting, killing, usurping what is not ours is always of emotional motivation. Ego, pride, jealousy, greed are some of the underlying causes. People who start wars are always inferior intellectuals—as are all sociopath and psychopath.

The Vatican Incident reverts our corrupt ideas. Anne, the heroin of Avatar Syndrome, shows us the way and, through her inimitable ministrations turns the rudder on the intrigues of both, the Pentagon and Vatican. Gradually the actors in this global arena are brought back to their original mental and emotional reality. Slowly they’ll restore the snail’s pace of human progress. At long last devolution is stopped dead in its tracks. The Divine Balance, the prime directive of Universal Laws, is restored.
It is indeed as cathartic incident in the history of the human race. 

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