Friday, 11 December 2015

Enigma and other Secrets

Emmet Fox, the late well-known mystic and interpreter of the Scriptures, suggested that the often quoted and invariably misunderstood event of the Second Coming would not be personalized by a return of Christ, but would occur in the hearts of men, the world over, as a gigantic step towards enlightenment.
But what if the great men of the past, great mystics, the Buddhas, the prophets, saints, and the Messiah Himself decided that the human experiment had failed? That it didn’t unfold as planned?
What then?
Would we be all left to our own devises, without any divine guidance, let alone intervention? After all, if we fail, who would imagine that the Second Time Round would be any better? It might turn out worse. This time we might really ruin our home, Mother Earth, beyond repair. A few well-placed H-bombs and our planet would become uninhabitable to biological life. Right? To any life?
What if….?

Heidi had her own problems. From her sanctuary in the Canadian Science Center, high in the Yukon, she faced two separate mysteries. The world was in upheaval, tectonic plates were shifting, planets were realigning. How was she to protect herself?
And then there was the Enigma peeking surreptitiously from behind Pluto. Could it be that it held the key to the higher affinity of the Universe? Could these be the sings of the long prophesied Second Coming? A time of renewal? 
A mystery.
Both Enigmas in their own right.

“A voyage from within and without, this novel transports us to the frontiers of an existence that knows no frontiers, where physics and metaphysics merge into a timeless, seamless whole. Enigma...” said J. Garwood, Ph.D.
“A love story, visionary fiction, mysticism, theology and a personal journey....” added B. Symonds.

Others said:

“Brilliant and Captivating!
“Challenges Conventional Mind!
“This author never lets me down!
“My favorite by this author (so far)!
“A State of Consciousness Can Open Up the Entire World…

There followed a slew of 5 star reviews in many quarters. Let me know what you think. And then, please, let others know on the Amazon.
We all want to know. 

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