Monday, 10 July 2017

PLUTO EFFECT — The Catharsis of Man

Cleansing comes to us in many different ways. Even as seasons renew the flora, so Zodiac’s function is to renew our nature, the fauna, the animal, hence the human kind. The cleansing process may come in many, often unexpected ways. Our history attests to the process having taking place many times in the past.
Evolution does not progress up an even slope. It often moves in hops and leaps, often seemingly regressing only to gather new strength to surge forward with renewed energy. Also, one “cannot pour new wine into old skins.” We are the skins. Wine symbolizes secret or new knowledge. We must be cleansed in order to accept it into our consciousness.
Hence the need for catharsis.
And the cleansing must be thorough. It must include an emotional release of false traditions; a venting of acquired old habits; a purging and purification of concepts misinterpreted by various religions. Yeshûa had done it to the Hebrews some 2000 years ago. They’d already forgotten the Mosaic creed, the teaching of the prophets. Yeshûa did little more than attempt to restore the truth which humans, in our arrogant egoistical manner tend to forget. The four rider of the Apocalypse provide another illustration of our weaknesses.
Alas, the Universal Laws will not be denied.
The purpose of religion was never to get people to a church or any other place of “worship”, but to show how to live according to Universal Laws. Einstein called them the “The thoughts of God”. These Laws cannot be denied, abrogated, or bypassed. They are eternal in their potential form, and our job is to manifest them in our becoming. All creation takes place within their parameters.
It seems that the secret of Infinity is Balance. The centrifugal and centripetal forces held in an eternal state of Equilibrium. We can vacillate all we want but only within the limits prescribed by the Laws. Sooner of later we return to the “Straight and Narrow” path of the Event Horizon. More about this in my book AWAKENING. 

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