Monday, 4 September 2017

HEAVEN—Eternal life is what you make it

We’ve discussed heaven before but, from what I hear from the religious fraternities, it needs repeating. We don’t get any virgins — male or female, we don’t sit at the feet of our Lord, we don’t cuddle up to the blessed Virgin. We get what we earned, each one individually, and nothing more.
That’s it.
Nothing more.
Why? Because…

Heaven is within you

Either is, was, always there, or you created it, or… believe it or not, you emerged from it to see how you can enrich it by converting the potential into a reality that would respond more readily to the dictates of your will.

It is not a place you go to, fly, die to get in. Heaven is there, or rather here, all the time, and your job, and mine, is to enter it by not going to, but going in. To put it simply it is not a place but a state of consciousness. It is a place wherein Being and Becoming abide in unison, in perfect balance, wherein nothing can destroy the equilibrium. Hence, we do not have to die to be in heaven.
So everybody, you ask, goes to heaven?
Yes though, once again, it depends how you define heaven. Heaven is what you make it.

There are countless degrees of heaven. They are states of consciousness wherein the rate of vibrations of energy increases proportionally. Here, on Earth, we are mostly conscious of vibrations of subatomic particles. They enable us to recognize our reality as consisting mostly of solids. Of matter. In next stages we might construct reality with much finer particles. Photons come to mind, or perhaps quanta of thought. Later of unites which are as yet beyond our understanding, until eventually we shall merge once again with the energy characterized by infinite rate of vibration of particles which, by their very nature become omnipresent.
In a way, the I AM within us, consists of such particles. Particles which cannot be separated one from another.
That final stage is beyond our comprehension, yet it is the  Source where we all begun our individualizations. Where our Ego was born. It will serve us until our final heaven wherein we shall no longer be able, nor want to, identify as apart from the Whole.
When and how it takes place is up to us. You may want to glance at my book “AWAKENING—Event Horizon”, Book Three of the Avatar Trilogy, which will suggest how the first (post-atomic) heaven might be organized. Yet, we must never forget that we are born in Infinity and to Infinity our individualizations will ultimately return. It might, however, take a few billion years. Or even trillion years before another Big Bang will announce a New Beginning. And so ad infinitum.
So, please, try to enjoy your life. That’s all you’ve got: the Process of Becoming. But never forget that to find heaven you don’t go up or down, only within. All heavens are states of consciousness. There is none other. 

Avatar Trilogy Book Three


  1. In contemplating heaven, again just now, a new thought occurred to me and in actualizing it, I enjoyed such joy as to "drown the stage with tears of joy" as Shakespeare might put it. Suppose, as Jesus said, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you but what might constitute that particular heaven is also ordered up by you during your life without even having known it. And so there I sat, waiting for what that heaven might be: a reunion of dear ones and so forth and one by one and as glad to see me as they ever were, my pets came, purring and rubbing up against me, chirping, barking and even jumping on me again. From my first turtle from Walgreens and to all the cats and dogs I made promises to that I couldn't keep for one reason or another, in them forgiven at their first sight of me. Crying even as I write this, imagine how wonderful that would be and further wonder that should it get no better, would that not be enough? In concept, heaven, whether within us or otherwise would be too wonderful to endure in life and so can we not say that heaven is justifiably restricted to those who have passed this world? As I think of it now, it must be that wonderful. Too wonderful to endure in this world. Just a thought.

    1. Probably true of most people. But, (there is always a but), there had been mystics, in the past, Rumi comes to mind, who did seem to experience euphoria that is not quite possible to describe in words. Nevertheless, I share with you the concept that "heaven is what you make it", hence, hopefully filled with love. As for other people, well, they have only themselves to blame. After all, "we are gods,".