Monday, 11 September 2017


With the exception of the initial research leading to my novel to Peter & Paul, all my blogs have been inspired by a single statement by Dalai Lama:

“We need a global system of secular ethics.”

The Introduction to the fifth collection of my blogs states:
“The purpose of my blogs is not to sell my books, but for the books to encourage people to read my blogs. My books are both, the result of ideas discussed in my blogs, as well as the progenitors or forerunners of ideas that are then discussed in my blogs. The two, fiction and non-fiction, correspond to Being and Becoming. They both seem to originate ‘within’, from my unconscious.  They can be shared with other people when dresses in a verbal clothing, and after a  painstaking process of diligent editing.”

And that is really what it’s all about.
Each and everyone of us has something unique to contribute to this reality, to the world we live in. And that is why your thoughts are so important to me. Your comments, your reviews often result in new vistas opening before me, inspiring new subjects, new books, novels, which illustrate realities which we are all creating.
In a way, my blogs deal with evolution. Being immortal the pace of evolution is not of primary importance, but the pleasure some of us derive from advancing human thought is beyond understanding of most people. As long as we only react to the mental, emotional and physical environment, we are stuck in a Vicious Circle. We keep repeating the same things, the same thoughts, actions, expecting different results. It doesn’t and it cannot happen. We keep chasing our own tails.
When we become proactive, we take a step forward.
Our job is to turn Vicious Circles into ascending Cycles, each rising, if marginally, above the previous one. Only then we shall have the right to claim evolution. No matter how slow, how slight. I recall a British scientist mentioning that “evolution advances at a pace somewhere between dead-slow and dead-slow”. Aren’t , we lucky to be immortal?
But even to advance at less than a snail’s pace, we need a system of ethics, to curb our primitive instincts. Our very primitive instincts. I’m  sure that at present Earth is little more than Kindergarten. We are only a few million years old. And, don’t forget, we are immortal.

In Search of Secular Ethics

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  1. Oh... all right. Not so much of the "painstaking process of diligent editing", (in fact they are quite incredibly spontaneous), but the rest is very true, and my wife reads everyone of them first and doesn't let me get away with anything.