Monday, 18 September 2017

NOW—Being and Becoming

Would you ever imagine that your arm or your leg were not part of you? Or any other part of your body? Or organs, or any part of the biological system all the way down to the cells of your body? Are they not intrinsically and irrevocably part of what you are?
What about your thoughts and emotions. Are they not part of you, the real you?
And then there are all your belongings. The house you live in. The street, the town… Don’t you call it your town?
And so forth…
There is also your planet, your galaxy, your world.

When you put it, or them, all together it becomes your reality. But there is a strange aspect to this reality. The vast majority of what you call ‘yours’, is also appropriated by billions of other people, animals, and flora, assuming they can think.
If you continue with this analogy you’ll conclude that at some level of understanding, some level of consciousness, we are all One. And if your soul is yours, then, perhaps there is but One Soul that individualizes itself into countless expressions, even as cells in your body—even if they serve a different purpose.

Ultimately you’ll reach the conclusion that somehow, in the very essence of being,  we are all one. ONE. That when you love your neighbour you really love inseparable part of yourself. Of the totality of Your Being. Of that aspect of you that does not and cannot tell us apart.

From outside looking in, we, with all our parts, or environment, our thoughts and emotions are inseparable part of a single, omnipresent, indestructible, eternal Entity. It renews Itself at all level even as we, you and I, renew the cells in our bodies while, for a little while, finding our expression through a single biological construct. 
Yet what is stranger still, is that we seem to be only aware of any of this, of any of all of the above, when we think about it. Only then. Or now. The eternal, NOW— in the state of Being, rather then Becoming. But both are part of our nature. They always were. They always will be.
We are ONE in the eternal NOW. Even though part of us are transient, ephemeral, a means to an end of understanding our true nature.
Welcome to my reality. 

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  1. We often seem to forget that we are both the cause and the effect of our reality.

  2. PS. 18 FIVE STARS. No pressure, but isn't it time you added your own thoughts? They are important to me.