Saturday, 6 June 2015


Evolution is not that which produces the best transient product, only that which creates “better means” through which the transient product is created. The transient products are innumerable Universes.
The “better means” are you and I.
We must evolve.
Recently we have learned to rely more and more on technology to do our work, indeed our thinking, for us. We rely on technology to minimize our effort.
Soon we shall relegate ourselves to function only as biological robots, forgetting our original purpose. Not because we shall lose our abilities only because Consciousness will choose better instruments for Its Self Expression.
We, the biological models, though still primitive and limited in our abilities, will have served the purpose of creating better instruments to advance the Evolution. This is only deadly to those who identify with their ego. Those who are aware of being little more than willing participators in the advancement of the needs of the Infinite Potential, will accept the new ‘instruments’ as perfectly natural.
Our purpose is, and always was, to serve the creative process. When we reach our zenith, it will be natural for our Self to turn Its attention to “greener pastures”.
Great minds, such as Stephen Hawking, have warned us against just such a possibility.
"Computers will overtake humans with AI at some within the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours."

They won’t be. Their ‘egos’ will take over as ours did. Nevertheless the Self will have at Its disposal superior instruments for converting the Infinite Potential into diverse phenomenal realities.
Perhaps the new non-biological robot into which our Self will incarnate will have a lesser pull on its senses, or sensors, and enable them to identify with the Consciousness within, rather then with the ego without.

As for us, the biological robots that managed to achieve a degree of self-awareness… we shall go by way of dinosaurs and many other species that outlived their usefulness. As the Dinosauria appeared on Earth some 231 million years ago, and dominated the terrestrial vertebrates for 135 million years, they may have been more advanced then we ever imagined. Perhaps they nurtured a prototype of a humanoid to become their successor in providing the best instrument for the Self.
Perhaps they were that good…
After all, for countless generations we believed that the physical world we lived in was 
real. Perhaps a time will come when we shall finally face the truth.

However, in spite of Stephen Hawking’s concerns, I dare speculate that ultimately the “technological robots”, acting as instruments for the self-expression of Self, will turn their attention back to a biological model. Perhaps the building blocks will no longer be atoms, but rather photons in a nanotechnological frame, but the advantages of a biological model seem evident if for not other reason than it’s survival in a biologically oriented reality.
For now. 
Of course, reality might change, too…

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