Monday, 25 May 2015


  We should never confuse Consciousness—the energy which keeps us alive—with awareness, which is our subjective image of the Universe.
The two are as far apart as cause and effect.

Energy of Consciousness is ubiquitous hence unquantifiable. It can, however, be individualized. We recognize other energies by the rate of their vibration. As the vibration slows down, it takes on different forms, ultimately allowing our senses to perceive them as thought, emotions, light, heat, gasses, liquids, or solids. All individualized energies are quantifiable and retain their rate of vibration. As vibrations change, so do the forms of energy.
This characteristic enables us to manipulate and shape our universe. At our primitive level we do so, mostly, by changing the end product. More advanced method is to change their rates of vibrations. At this stage of our evolution we regard this method as miraculous, although nature does so all the time. It converts one form of energy into another. The end product is, of course, that which can be recognized by our senses, or by mechanical devises we designed.
And thus, to alter the reality in which we experience our becoming, we should retreat to the form of energy that is more malleable. The less dense, i.e. the higher the vibrations, the easier it is to manipulate. All forms of energy originate with Consciousness, which is the primary essence of all energies. Consciousness energizes the mental and emotional realm, where it takes on theoretical form propitious to carrying out its purpose. 

Our bodies illustrate this principle.
Usually symptoms of a sickness are caused by emotional or mental stress, which must be eliminated for the body to heal itself. Our magnificent immunological system is capable to keep our bodies healthy. The omnipresent Consciousness is continually striving to keep us at peek efficiency. Flooding our body with various drugs might remove the symptoms, but seldom the cause of the disease. The analgesics can be useful, often necessary. They can remove some of the symptoms but only our state of consciousness can affect the healing.

Consciousness is everything.
Our awareness of this fact affects all the lower realities. It can heal, correct, and restore the original perfect design of mind, emotions and body.
Every creative act follows exactly the same pattern. Idea activates the mind, which activates the emotions. Finally, the vibrations of energy are slowed down sufficiently to take on a form perceptible to our senses.
It is also possible to stop anywhere along the creative corridor. Music remains a mental pattern mixed with emotional energy without slowing the vibrations any further. Regrettably the process of converting it into audible form perceptible to our senses often detracts from the original intent. This, in fact, is the scourge of the present era.
Likewise, emotions can veer from their original intent, producing negative result. It’s all up to us. We are indeed gods.

Humanity is only just becoming aware of the nature of the Universe. My novel suggests where evolution has taken others.  Enjoy!

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