Friday, 4 October 2013

Takers and Givers

I must express my gratitude. Many accuse the USA of many things. Not the Americans—just their leaders. Like all empires past their zenith, the leaders want to prolong their hegemony. They are extremely bellicose; they spy on people they call their friends; they manufacture more weapons of mass destruction than any other ten nations on Earth put together. It all seems so futile. Don’t they know that those who kill will come back to be killed?
But there is one trait that that sets the Americans apart.
The Americans are givers.
Amazon Kindle, an American Company, is now selling ebooks in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. And you don’t have to be an American citizen to benefit from their prolific services.
And that’s not all.
All the countries put together, including the 1.2 billion citizens of India, does NOT buy as many of my books as my unknown friends do in the United States. Yes, I do consider the buyers of my books to be my friends. They give me pleasure. In a way, it’s a tit for tat proposition. Like a bunch of hedonists, we both give pleasure to each other. For this alone I shall always remain grateful for as long as I live.
True that with my particular interests, those of Human Potential, I shall never compete with the millions of ladies wrapped, or is it enwrapped, in raptures of erotica. Nor do I sate the desires for blood of all the vampire and werewolf aficionados. As mentioned, I deal in Human Potential. I explore the lands that are ours to discover, pinnacles to achieve, challenges to conquer. Not everybody’s cup of tea, nor perhaps, cup of ambrosia?
But there is more.
With the exception of three countries, the remaining eight have taken a good number of my free downloads.
Strangely, only the buyers tend to give 5 stars.
Returning to my original sentiment, I wish to thank all my American friends for supporting my literary aspirations. Without them I’d be writing just for my wife and… myself. It is so much more fun sharing my pleasure with others. Thank you, Americans. I’m so glad you are my friends.

In return, I make this pledge to you.
This month many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of you benefited from three of my books being offered as a free download. Henceforth, every month I shall make an effort to place at least one of my books on Kindle as a FREE download. I thank you again.

To write a review on Amazon and elsewhere of

while the offer stands

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