Monday, 28 October 2013

All Debts are ALWAYS paid

Sometime ago I ‘pontificated’ (for which I apologize) about “Thou shalt not kill”. It is true that our glorious leaders—Fühers, Prime Ministers, and Presidents alike, had and continue to studiously ignore this commandment. Well, in one way, they are right.
That’s easy. We cannot kill the immortals. Thus, ‘killing’ a million men’s bodies is a statistic. After all, a good tsunami or a particularly exuberant volcanic eruption could do just as well. As I mentioned before, the physical reality is set on automatic, and we are to fend within its laws as best we can.
The world is an imperfect place, hence the need for evolution. Within the confines of physical reality we must always allow the dead to bury the dead. After all, those who kill others are still dead. Not yet awakened to their true nature. When the killers vacate their bodies, it is as though they hadn’t ‘lived’. They have wasted the only means by which they can build their own heaven: their own indestructible reality—their subconscious. No one can do it for them. “As we sow, so we shall reap”.
Here and forever.
That’s the problem with being immortal. When we finally vacate our physical bodies we look back at what we’ve accomplished. Not in terms of physical achievements, but how we’ve enriched whatever is incorruptible. Those traits that we take with us.
Some of us will just take corpses.

If we were individuals who are independent of each other it wouldn’t matter much. We’d ‘kill’, we’d ‘die’, no harm done. But we are all interconnected. Killing others we kill part of ourselves. Part of what we really are.
The killers—be they brave soldiers, the generals, prime ministers or presidents—don’t realize that we really are immortal. What they accomplish by killing, or giving orders to kill for whatever reason, is to take away from their victims the opportunity to build their own heaven.
However, the Universal Law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Hence the killers, or those who give orders to kill, will lose their own opportunities to build their own heaven. It will be as though they haven’t lived. From the annals of immortality, their names will be erased.
By ‘killing’ others, we can destroy our own future for millions of years to come. And this is not a religious superstition. This is pure science. Why do you think so may of us are born in such dismal circumstances? Just look at millions living for a dollar a day. Look into their past, into past thousands of years… And the worst thing of all is that, in essence, we are all One.  

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