Friday, 1 November 2013

The Enigma of Peter & Paul (Why Immortals have fun).

We might sometimes forget that once we realize that we are immortal there is virtually nothing that can stop us from having fun.  True, we have to pay for our mistakes, but, well, so do all children, don’t they? And in the context of immortality we are all… children. Aren’t we?
As for the transient stay in the physical reality, we have an abundance of choices. Lately, thanks to some scientists, more alternatives are likely to be developed. Who can tell what marvelous biological robots we might be able to choose for our future incarnations?
We often forget that the two functions, which the biblical characters, Peter and Paul, performed more than two thousand years ago, continue to this day. Only today, there is one fundamental difference.
During the Age of Aquarius, the functions take on a very different form. Part of the job that Paul did is now taken over by science, with or without the establishment’s blessing. We are on the verge of creating new means through which the Universal Consciousness can function and experiment.
Let us never forget that you and I, and every animal and every plant or ‘living’ biological and/or zoological construct is only here for this single purpose: to diversify the experiences of the Universal Consciousness. The more different we are, the greater the diversity. The more fun? The more we participate in this eternal experiment, the greater our personal experience and thus happiness. After all, essentially, we are all One—intelligent drops in an endless ocean. 
E pluribus unum, states the Seal of the United States. One out of many. They got that right!

Yet again, in this Age of Aquarius, our participation has taken on a greater form of expression. The man John Craig Venter comes to mind.  He is an American biologist and entrepreneur. He works on providing new elements, perhaps evolutionary mutants, which will lend themselves, in time, to become embodiments for consciousness within the physical realm.
Although our reality is essentially imaginary, after all, we are mostly empty space, nevertheless this reality which is so real to most of us serves to try out new ideas that originate in the Unconscious. Only let us never forget to have fun. After all, we are here, on Earth, only as visitors. Our true realm is elsewhere.
As for Peter’s role, once again, in this new Age, for the first time in human history, the search for the true reality is entrusted to individual men and women. Symbolically, we are to water our own gardens. We are to enrich our own consciousness. On our own.
It sounds as though we are finally Coming of Age.

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