Monday, 11 November 2013

Wonder Children

Did you ever wonder how come Mozart was able to compose classical, perhaps immortal, music at such an early age? There are others like him. We know them as child or infant prodigies. They are children who have knowledge and proficiencies which they could not have acquired since they were born.
Wikipedia lists hundreds of them. I suspect there are thousands more, unknown. They graced our species with their presence over many years, in many different fields. Did you ever wonder how could such genius let alone such an incredible diversity be possible?
They come under many names. Wunderkind. Enfant prodige. Prodigio. Cudowne dziecko. Csodagyerek… Every nation seems to have a special name for the unique, wonderful, incredible, inexplicable occurrence or talent.
A wonder child. It really sounds great, doesn’t it?
There have to be a lot more of them than we imagine.
Ever wondered why?
Or how, for that matter?
Incomprehensible… unless we accept the concept of reincarnation.

I want to tell you secret which you must promise to keep to yourself. It is incredible but… true. Ready? We are all wonder children. Every single one of us, only… later, somewhere along the way, the wonder seems to dissipate into the ethers… Conformity is forced upon us from day one.
Pity. Great pity
First our parents. Then teachers. Then priests and other religious leaders. Then professors at ‘higher’ institution of ‘learning’, bosses, political leaders and other dubious paragons of virtue…
Did you know that Einstein said that: “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”? I might add, that we must forget even what we have learned before school, and keep only that magnificent storehouse of knowledge with which we were born. Then, and only then, we can develop it further.
After all, if our genes carry evolutionary knowledge going back millions of years, should we expect any less of our minds?

Some of us do remember. Vaguely. Perhaps not at conscious level, but the knowledge, the experience of past lives lingers at the periphery of our subconscious at that tremulous border between the conscious and the subconscious mind. If we sublimate our ego and admit the full potential developed over thousand of years to manifest itself, we begin to wonder at our own true heritage.
I feel it is within the power of every one of us to try it. To try it soon. Before the mists of “learning” imposed on us by our “superiors” obfuscate what is truly ours.
Please, please, don’t delay.

The story of one such child is told in the life of Sacha, a novel I wrote some time ago. Sasha—The Way Back. Perhaps before my own learning was hidden by the input from schools and institutions of higher learning. You might even enjoy the whole Alexander Trilogy. Let me know what you think. 

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