Saturday, 16 November 2013

Wisdom of the American Forefathers

The wonderful thing is that in spite of the fact that the whole universe (of which we are aware) exists only within our consciousness, we all benefit from the contribution of all other individualizations of the omnipresent Single Consciousness. I spell It in capital letters to accord it equal importance to that which people usually assign only to their chosen divinity. Since each religion stipulates its own God, I prefer a “nondenominational” term.
And this brings me to today’s theme, to the American Forefathers. In their wisdom they incorporated the phrase E Pluribus Unum [Out of Many—One] into the seal of the United. A truly inspired decision.
But it’s more complicated.
There is a fundamental difference between the subjective and objective reality. Every concept of reality is born within. It may be stimulated by the input from our senses, but it must grow within our consciousness, until we are ready to share it with others. When many share the same idea, it becomes objective. E pluribus Unum, out of many a singular reality. That is how the USA was born.
The first chapter of Genesis in the Jewish masterpiece the Torah, describes how the divine spark within us brought ideas (the word) into our awareness. How the subjective idea that is born within, manifests itself without, by sharing itself with others.

That is the act of creation. I will NOT tell you how it happens, although you’ll find essays on the subject in my Beyond Religion Series that may help.
But I can suggest to you how the ancients thought it might happen. They created a magnificent compendium of symbolic ideas to share the idea with us. After all, life is change—and thus truth must be continually rediscovered in its infinite manifestations. You’ll have to decipher it yourself. My Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism will make it possible for you. You’ll find YOUR understanding, NOT somebody else’s. It’s up to you. The knowledge lies within each one of us. While truth may be one, it manifests differently through every one of us. Why else would the universe exhibit such astounding diversity?
Once again, enjoy!

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