Monday, 25 November 2013

Gods: Work in Progress.

Sometime ago, the protagonist in one of my novels (Sacha—The Way Back), made this comment.
When the prophet of yore said that ‘ye are gods’, he forgot to add that to be gods you must act like gods. And gods don’t make mistakes. We do.”
There is a fundamental difference between the potential and its fulfilment. We, humans, are particularly spoiled.
Our genome carries hereditary information that spans millions of years. Even before we became bipeds our bodies went through evolutionary cycle accumulating primary knowledge, which enabled us to climb the evolutionary ladder. In case anyone thinks that they’ve reached an evolutionary apex, then let me assure them that we have a few billion years to go, before we are likely to be able to understand what evolution is all about.
Before we shall be gods even by today’s standards.
Of course, by then, a billion years hence, our expectations will have risen.
Yet, even today nature spoils us beyond reason. According to “Live Science”, Jan 24, 2013 report - “The average male will produce about 525 billion sperm cells over a lifetime...”
By contrast, women are born with an average 2 million egg follicles, yet by puberty, ‘only’ about 450 follicles will ever release mature eggs for fertilization. Luckily, this puts man’s absurd abundance in check.

Why such abundance? Such unmitigated waste? Such seeming ridiculous potential?
Ah, yes, it must have to do with our potential. Somebody else is controlling our bodies; the use of our mind is obviously lagging behind.

Given enough follicles, 25 billion sperm cells represents the potential each man has to populate not just the whole planet, but a habitable planetary system, or even a goodly segment of a galaxy—all by himself. Women do not have to worry. Many wise men told us that we all take turns, in alternate reincarnations, in the sexual orientation. And if worst came to worst, we would be limited, together, to 450 follicles each. A lot better than “Adam and Eve”! No wonder some of us, men, expect a minimum of 72 virgins. 
Never mind…
This may sound like science fiction, but if you have a better reason for the absurd abundance of our physical body then I’d like to hear it.
But let us take a step further.
If our physical potential represents a potential many billions of times greater than we can utilize today, could our mental potential be any less? Would we not need an equal abundance in mind-power to rule and/or administer our galactic segment even as… perhaps, our elder god-brothers do today?
Just think. You and I might be 25 billion times smarter than we are now.

If we take our present condition seriously, the status of gods-in-waiting, then we might think again how to conduct ourselves here and now—even if we are, at present, no more than babes in arms. Winston thought so. Let me know what you think. Try my Winston Trilogy. Or at least, the last part. 

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