Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hidden Wealth

2500 years ago, Socrates, recognized as perhaps the wisest man ever, and most certainly of his day, made a very strange statement. He said: “I know that I know nothing”.
Almost 500 years later, a man called Yeshûa, known to most as Jesus, expressed the same sentiment. He’d said, “Blessed are the meek at heart for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. To an unsuspecting onlooker those two statements do not appear to be saying the same thing.
Yet, there are. Surely, Socrates must have been very meek at heart to have asserted his ignorance.
Both men state that unless we are willing to admit that we are meek, unless we admit in all humility that we know nothing, the knowledge deeply embedded within our subconscious, let alone our unconscious, cannot penetrate the ramparts of pseudo knowledge we have accumulated in our physical form.

There is a fundamental difference between the knowledge acquired from books and that which reaches our awareness from within. The first deals only with exigencies of the illusion of reality which most of us recognise as our world. We are invariably forgetting that the physical or material reality is in constant ferment. Countless quadrillions of atoms continuously spinning in wild abandon, time shooting past our awareness, invariably leaving us behind the latest discoveries. Even stars and galaxies are receding from us at near the velocity of light, while those closer by are threatening to explode into novas, or collapse into the unknown mystery of black holes. And most of all, when we look at the very building blocks of what we regard as reality, when we look at atoms, we forget that they consists, essentially, of empty space.
Behold our reality.
Empty space.
An illusion.

Many mystics attempted to point our attention in the direction of truth. We pretend to listen, only to revert to our old ways. Living an illusion seems the choice of Homo sapiens. Paradoxically, the Latin name, Homo sapiens, means “wise man”. It is the name we have accorded ourselves, the presumptuous apes, who think they know almost everything. Actually ape means: “the imitator”. Not creator of new—but imitating what’s already there. We specialize in illusion. In imitating.
We delude ourselves. 

The mystics went ignored.
In the meantime, the scientists are actively looking for the Theory of Everything. They want to know absolutely everything about absolutely nothing. About empty space.
A wise man once asked what would the physicists do if one of them discovered the theory of everything? There would be nothing for them to do. Would the world end?
Or would they finally discover that for the last few thousand years they had been all travelling assiduously in the wrong direction.
Travelling without, rather then… within.  

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  1. Stan, the volume and quality of your literary output is astonishing. You are a one-man idea machine and historian of all human thought. How can any reader keep up with you? I salute you.

  2. You are very kind, Kate. Thank you. What I miss most are your perceptive reviews of my books. Don't forget they are yours, free downloads, for the asking. All I ask in return is a brief review on Amazon (and anywhere else you might think of). As I'm sure you're aware, my subject matter in not playing on an even field, competing with erotica, murder and suspense.

    Good to hear from you and thanks for the card.

  3. I don't know why it has taken until now to find and connect, since we are walking the same road side by side! Obviously I shall have to read your book, so it will now join the queue, and I hope you might want to read mine which can be well sampled (excerpts, readings, and interviews ( and reviews) here we hail Socrates similarly and derive the same conclusions. If you might consider a review I can offer either of the formats. Erotica, fiction and medieval crime do compete with the 'still small voice' but now we are two.

  4. I read most of my books on iPad. I believe epub or kindle format would do very well. If so, I'd be happy to review your contribution to humanity, and if you were to send me your email, I'd send you a coupon for a free download from Smashwords of my effort, or any other book for that matter from

    Looking forward, to the exchange.

    1. Mt address is philipparees7(at) gmail(dot)com and if you write there I will have yours to send the epub version for the ipad. I suspect we are both preaching to the converted. Have you encountered Sandie Gustus's Less Incomplete? A mind blowing translation of Waldo Vieira's explorations in the extraphysical fields of consciousness. He assiduously avoids religious or mystical terminology but the introduction to structure and relationships past and present is wonderfully clarified.

    2. Got it. Thanks. Looking forward to reading it. I looks fascinating. I hope you don't expect mine to be as scholarly. I hover somewhere between knowledge, speculation and irony. As a writer, I also try to entertain. After all I find life fun, I wish to spread it around.

  5. I hope you will find some irony and some entertainment too. Speculation there is some...The scholarly is only for the scholars, the entertainment for everyone else!