Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mysteries are OURS to solve

I am convinced that there is only ONE life regardless of reality in which it manifests itself. It seems that it is up to us to solve the mystery of how it manifests through our consciousness. It appears that reality has its own rules, even new dimensions—in the next reality we enter on leaving our physical bodies it is imagination. Whatever we imagine becomes instantly real. Likewise, the moment we remove our attention from it, it ceases to be. It takes some getting used to. We’ve all experienced it in our dreams. With practice, we can dream in full consciousness.
In one of my blogs I mentioned two vital items. One—that the subconscious NEVER forgets; and two—that as a direct consequence of ‘one’, the subconscious is the basis on which we build our ‘heaven’, i.e. our permanent abode.
To date, no scientist, or mystic, has disproven this theory. It will remain a working hypothesis until someone discovers a new theory that makes more sense.
What is more vital is that if my theory IS right, then by not taking advantage of it we risk our future for, perhaps, millions of years. Time in other realities is measured on a different scale. Remember dreams? I for one am not prepared to take that risk.
Are you?

There are consequences.
If our ‘heaven’ is made up of our thoughts and experiences while in the physical embodiment, we might be wise to assure that the reality we are creating is the sort of reality in which we’d want to spend a long time, let alone eternity.
Two thousand years ago a wise man said, “Whatever we fasten on earth will be fastened in heaven.” Hence I find it extremely important that whatsoever I fasten here is replete with fun. Yes, mostly fun. I fully intend to build a heaven for myself that will be full of joy, of fun, of laughter. Hence I’m careful what friends I choose, here, on Earth. On this valley of laughter.

It seems that we have no right to expect anyone else to build a heaven for us. After all, no one on Earth knows better than we do what we really like. I feel we must be very careful what thoughts we commit to memory, to our permanent memory storage. To our subconscious.
Hopefully, in each next incarnation, we shall be able to add to it, even if we’ll be unable to erase the past. It’s a one-way trip. In that sense, and that sense only, it seems to be forever and ever.
And that is a very, very long time…
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