Wednesday, 9 October 2013


We often tend to forget that we all originated from a single Source. The scientists call it the Big Bang, perhaps at the center of a gargantuan black hole, others “in the beginning God”. Only there was no beginning. There are only eternal cycles. That’s what infinity is all about. It has neither beginning nor end. It IS, even as I AM.
Even as WE ARE—expressions in infinite diversity of a Single Source—individualizations, yet never apart. Always One.
And then came fragmentation.
Even as later, much later, our physical bodies were made up from elements that originated in various stars, which went Nova in our and neighbouring galaxies. Cycles. Eternal cycles. No beginning. No end.
Those of us who enjoy the emotions of our pets, particularly of cat and dogs, know that given a choice they, those cats and dogs, invariably prefer to be close to the members of their clan. To us. To their family. It’s not much but at least, for them, it is a feeling of being a part of a greater whole.
We all feel that, at times. Not just family but our neighbourhood, our town, city, nation… some of us even aspire to be part of humanity. Just a few of us feel kinship with all nature. Flora and fauna. With a wild flower and a tree, and a deer ruminating nearby. We are tired of fragmentation, of being apart. Of not being complete.
Some of us continue to delude ourselves that we are separate from the rest of the universe, of Earth, of the human race. Not so. By emitting negative thoughts (vibrations) towards any of those, we hurt only ourselves.
It is time to stop deluding ourselves. We are all co-builders of the physical reality.

In truth, we are never apart. When we manage to still the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions within and without us, when we retire into the depth of our psyche, our soul, there and only there we find Oneness that is beyond human understanding. A serenity within which we are never alone. Within which we were never, nor even could ever be apart. A serenity in which we experience the euphoric realization of being ONE.

Sooner or later, we all embark on a search for this elusive realm that embraces all the universes. One such man searched and found it in the depth of his heart. His name was Yeshûa. It was then that he said, “I and my father are one”. “The created and the creator are one.” Euphoric state of consciousness? This domain is yours to find. I wish you luck and success on your journey. 

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