Thursday, 15 November 2012

Peter & Paul, the Novel

After many threats, or perhaps promises, my new historical novel is about to be published on Smashwords. Then, after its christening of fire, I hope to present it on Amazon Kindle, for people who look down upon other means of electronic perusal. I like them all, however, you’ll have your choice.
Even when writing this novel I was surprised how many times the two principle protagonists veered from one side of the theological argument to another, only to finish exactly in the middle, perhaps in the field which Rumi stretches out, “beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing.”
This may sound absurd, yet, if we observe dispassionately the consequences of recent election in the USA, is that not precisely what must happen? If they are to accomplish anything, must not the opposing parties meet in the middle, beyond the doing right or doing wrong?
We shall see. Perhaps they’ve grown up, a little.

It seems that when we really analyze the physical reality which we call our home, sooner or later we are led to conclude that nothing in this world is real, and that if we are to find the true reality we have to reach out not so much further out, but… further in. A strange inversion of logic, yet, it is only in the centre of a Black Hole that our scientists find themselves completely helpless. Yet we, if we persist, might well find there an abundance of light.
Since we are venturing beyond the reality most of us accept as ‘real’, (my Delusions disproves that), and we are interested what ‘really’ happens in the heart of a Black Hole, read my Gift of Gamman. In it, in my novel, John Galt, or Captain Blake, if you prefer, will show you exactly what happens. He should know, he’d been there.
You might even like it!

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