Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Two-Edged Sword

We all get so much help from the Universe that most people, yes, most, feel compelled to create a wonderful god in their own image and likeness to justify the munificence that most of us experience.
And this in spite of the way most of us live.
Many of us tend to overeat; we don’t exercise; we breathe polluted air (which we have created); we cut down on restorative sleep short; we drink alcohol—often to excess and… yet, we continue living. When we can no longer cope with the consequences of our actions, we go to quacks—pardon me—physicians, who treat our symptoms but seldom if ever the causes of our self-induced delinquencies.
Let’s face it. The vast majority of us abuse the generosity with which the Universe endows us.

And when we can no longer cope with our physical condition created by our persistent peccadilloes, we blame others. Always others. Why didn’t the government tell us that we shouldn’t eat so much sugar (red meat, white flower, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes-cigars-pipes, etc., etc., etc.)? How were we supposed to know?
Eve had given us an apple to know good from bad. Why didn’t we listen?
That’s a parable. ‘Eve’ symbolizes our subconscious, our soul, the place where we store our knowledge acquired over millions of years. If human race survived to this day, that only means that we, the human race, had the knowledge to survive, before we had learned to treat symptoms rather than correct the root of the problems we create.
Linus Pauling (1901-1994), the only double Nobel Laureate, was the first to notice the dangers of relying on ‘medicine’. Since his time, a small group of physicians have joined the cause. Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Alan Fuhrman… there are a few others.

And yet, the Universe continues to support us with air, food, drink, and all other necessities of biological survival.
Nevertheless, in a world that is set on automatic (see my blog “Innocent”), the generosity of the Universe is a two-edged sword. While it supplies us with seemingly inexhaustible amounts of food, energy and other items, our superb immune system extends our life beyond our due. In fact, thanks to our immune system, long life is no longer a blessing. Rather it looks very much like punishment for our abuse of that generosity. We spend the last years paying for our errors. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, a variety of cancers…
This can be avoided if we learn to listen to our subconscious.

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