Saturday, 17 November 2012

Primary Needs

Since I retired from my profession, I embarked on a turbulent trek in search of reality. I always suspected that our senses do not communicate the truth to our brain, our mind, not to mention to our consciousness. They don’t even seem to satisfy our emotions. Can a god be so ungodly as to allow suffering of little children? Well, nature allows it even as we do. We even practice it. Aren’t we supposed to be ‘gods’?
I found that I didn’t like the reality I’d inherited from most of my predecessors. Yes, not even from my parents. Hence, I embarked on my search.
It seems, that my readers participated and continue to participate in my search. To date, it took 14 novels, 7 non-fiction books, and a number of other publications, to show me where my readers’ needs lay. As of this blog, at least on the Amazon, they are buying exactly 3 times as many of my non-fiction books as fiction. I think my readers are missing a great deal, because my novels illustrate how my philosophy works in practice; but… I’ll take what I can get.
Of one thing I am sure. I do not, nor did I ever wish to upset the apple cart that my readers are dragging adamantly towards their grave, which many of them seem to equate with oblivion. If they continue to read my stuff, then, sooner or later, they will accept that, whether we like it or not, we are all immortal. This premise alone sets me apart from many literary shades.
Perhaps that is why people seem to search out my non-fiction books. Their hunger, their thirst, is made evident by their choices. The one consolation I can offer them is that there is no one, no one in the whole world, who will discover the true reality by reading other peoples’ books. Don’t get me wrong. The books will help enormously; I’d read hundreds, probably thousands of books. But ultimately if we don’t launch our own ship, our own consciousness, on the waters o life, the truth will elude us.
Absolutely no one can skip the journey. In many ways, the journey is all that really matters. Why? Because each one of us creates a different reality and only all of them, combined, approximate the Whole. We might overlap in our conclusions, share many traits of the heaven we are creating for ourselves, but make no mistake. We are individualizations of the Infinite, and as such it is this individuality that must add up to the Whole—not just hung on to It.
Try it. You’ll see.
Peter and Paul did it, although each of them travelled a completely different path. As you and I do. Yet… the Whole, by Its very nature, is but One. And that brings me back to my new historical novel Peter & Paul. It is heavily based on fact. Like my non-fiction. It is yours to enjoy. And for a week or two, you will be able to download it for free. 

It's almost ready

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