Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Many and the Few

It may have started with Peter and Paul, but its echoes are visible in all aspects of the human existence. The Churches, the politics, science, trade, even education, is replete with examples of the few abusing the many. No wonder the Roman Church referred to many of us as sheep, a word which was intended to symbolize our thoughts, which were to be gathered under one roof on an enlightened state of consciousness, became bastardized into a mean of controlling and exploiting human mind. My Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism serves to expose many such willful misinterpretations, which during the last 2000 years were used by the few to control the many.
BBC reports that the “estimated price tag for the US elections in November is almost $6bn (£3.8bn)”. Six billion dollars spent by the few, on propaganda, while elsewhere millions are starving. Are we all members of the same species? Are we all human? Or are the few more human, or perhaps less so, than the others.
And now that the dust has settled, at long last, the multimillionaire will return to his White House, the contender to his billions, and the many other multimillionaires will return to their well-padded seats in the Senate to get richer still. Perhaps Karl Marx was right, after all.

And now it’s back to normal. The rich will get richer, the poor will lose even what little they have. It almost sounds biblical. However, during the last month or two, I received many hundreds of messages condemning the 1% who seem to exploit and suppress the 99%. The rich v. the poor?
Mathew, the evangelist, tells us that: “the rich get richer, poor get poorer…” It is also a catchphrase used by economists trying to justify inequality. It was what Karl Marx called the Law of Increasing Poverty. Now… it rules the United States of America. Perhaps the rest of the world, too.
There is only one problem.
Mathew, in his gospel, was referring to spiritual wealth, not to dollars and cents. Unfortunately spiritual truths are not reflected in material mentality, such as understood by many retrograde multimillionaires, by the very rich who don’t even notice the poor whose spiritual wealth might well vastly exceed theirs.
To each his and her own? There is a difference. The spiritual wealth you can take with you. The material? The material wealth will rot together with the corpse of the few, and then be recycled as though the rich have never lived. After all, they didn’t. Not really.
Only now, the roles will be reversed. The few who were truly wealthy will be chosen from among the many whose wealth was not of this world. Not of this twisted, greedy, egotistical reality.
And before we, and I refer to the memos I received, condemn all rich people, let us remember that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, and a number of other billionaires have given away billions to help the needy and the sick. 
       No matter what the law is, we are all individuals. 


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