Friday, 23 November 2012

Generosity of the Universe

Sometime ago I shared some thoughts about the benevolence of the Universe. There I did little more than scratch the surface of reality. Now I wish to go further—into the realm of incredible, magnanimous, indescribable generosity of the Universe.
Yes, I am still talking about the same reality, our temporary home-away-from-home. Our real home is our state of consciousness, but when we peek outside, open our eyes, or perhaps our hearts, just a little wider, we cannot but be amazed by the gifts which the Universe bestows on us in a truly flabbergasting generosity. Suddenly we find ourselves in awe at the beauty that surrounds us.
First, there are the flowers.
Some colors are there, I am told, to attract various insects, supposedly to propagate its life. But if so, what is the butterflies’ excuse for competing with flowers with their plethora of carefully designed colorful patterns?
And talking of patterns of colors, did you ever dive into the Caribbean sea? The colors are mindboggling!
Yes, we are surrounded by an abundance of beauty.

And after we’re through admiring the symphony of hues and shades and pigments that fill us with euphoria, there are trees, and rock formations, and even shapes created by fleeting clouds. And then there are the sunrises. And as you sat after a day’s work bathed in the beauty of a sunset, did you ever watch a kitten play?
Or a puppy?
Or a deer peeking at you from behind a bush?
Or… ah yes, and sometimes—though this is much more subjective—even your own child at play?
And still later, did you gaze at the night sky that inspired thousands of poets?
 The question is why? Why such generosity? Is it but a foretaste of the heaven that awaits us?

Well, that’s precisely it.
The question remains why, and more precisely how, did the Universe supply us with such an abundance of, surely, gratuitous beauty? And what is perhaps an even greater mystery, what makes us aware of those gifts?
Unless, at some unfathomable depth of our psyche, of our consciousness, we, you and I, are its creators; are the creators of both, the beauty and of our ability to appreciate it. Unless even here, on Earth, we are all but trying to recreate the heaven that is eternally waiting for us to return. There, some say, the same beauty is multiplied manifold. And its sole purpose is to make us happy.
One thing is certain. Anyone sensitive to beauty, whose heart is not filled with gratitude is missing out on his or her perceptions of reality.
And one day, we shall all return home to enjoy the fruit of our labors. You can get a foretaste of it in my novel: NOW—Being and Becoming. You might enjoy it even as you enjoy the beauty of the Universe around you. Well… almost?

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