Friday, 2 November 2012

Back to Peter and Paul

 If you remember, although it may not have been necessarily apparent, the purpose of the novel Peter and Paul (about to be published) was to illustrate the balance that needs to be maintained between quality and quantity. This ongoing struggle between the (chosen) ‘few’ and the ‘masses’ is a permanent feature of our species. It would diminish if the ‘few’ became aware that they, themselves, cannot advance beyond a certain level without ‘dragging’ the rest with them.
What the ‘few’ will find even more disturbing is that, ultimately, psyche is capable of incorporating all the individualized states of consciousness that constitute our reality. And that, dear friends, includes not only all the animals, birds, fish, and insects, but also the incredible diversity of our flora.
We are indeed all One.
All perceptible reality—reality as experienced by our senses—is a temporary, very transient out-picturing of states of consciousness. And even then, the material aspect of it is essentially empty space. See Delusions—Pragmatic Realism. It’s all there.
Imagine a world without any plants. Soon all the herbivores, (with whose carcasses we like to fill our triple-burgers), would die. We’d feed on fish, though with our eating habits we’d run out of those soon enough. Of course, those who already learned to absorb the energy directly from cosmic rays, would not have to face any problems though, as of today, there are not many such amongst us.
It will come…
Before we can become aware of our unity with the rest of fauna and flora, we should make a bigger effort to become more aware of the indivisible unity with our own species. It bears repeating, that each one of us has the capacity to create our own individual reality, which is built up and stored in our subconscious. As this ability is inherent in each and every individualized state of consciousness, we can only begin to imagine the enormity of the universes that surround us. And the endless potential is always there, ready to supply us with new ideas to be developed into yet another new reality.
As I said before, worlds without end.
Infinity is greater not only that we imagine, but greater than we can imagine. And we are all integral parts of it. Hence, Peter and Paul

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