Tuesday, 30 October 2012

So, why the Pluto Effect?

The Great Teacher of the Age of Pisces told us that we cannot pour new wine into old skins without compromising its value or quality. Hence, the inept consequences of the previous Age must be erased, to make room for new ideas, for new lessons to be absorbed by our psyches.
Thus, the Pluto Effect.
The destruction of the old to make room for the new. The destruction of the present social, economic, military, yes, even religious powers, to make room for something completely different—beyond our imagination. Remember the statement recorded in the Revelation, “I make all things new”? Well, so it will be this time.

From the astronomical reasons, our Earth not only rotates, but also wobbles on its axis. The wobble can best be understood by watching a spinning top. As the rotation slows, the top begins to wobble. It is this wobble, which over time brings about changes in the direction of the Polar Axis. One complete revolution of the wobble takes place in 25,920 years, which happens to correspond to the completion of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, allowing each Age to last about 2160 years. And that is how long the new Age, the Age of Aquarius, will last. Then, a Man, a new Avatar, will appear and say, once again, “I make all things new”.
World without end…
Such wobbly rotation of the Earth axis brings, over thousands of years, substantial climatic changes. We can ‘soften’ the effects of global warming, but we cannot eliminate it. We must learn to cope with it.
Hence, since everything affects everything else, we move from astrology, which in the old days was considered a science, to astronomy, which touches on the wisdom of the ages.

Of course, one day, in the foreseeable (about 5) billions of years, our sun will have exhausted its hydrogen at its core, and will expand into a red giant. On Earth this action will boil its oceans and blow away our atmosphere. I hope, by then, people will accept the premise that we are all spiritual beings, entities of individualized consciousness, and float happily on solar wind to other, not necessarily greener but most certainly more exciting and challenging new pastures, to face and conquer new realities which are yet come into being.
That is the joy of being immortal; and the realities we create—infinite. In Book Three of the Aquarius Trilogy, with provisional title the 7the Race, I shall attempt to give you a foretaste of such potential, right here, on Earth. I shall attempt to raise the veil and share with you a peek of the potential that dwells within us, waiting to be discovered.
Yet, even then, the rules of the universe will prevail. The many will continue to follow the few, as in my forthcoming novel Peter and Paul.


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