Thursday, 18 October 2012

The End Game

It has been said that: “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” The saying refers to the Opera, yet now, in the “West”, the vast majority of ladies are fat. Or, close to it. So, it seems, whichever lady sings she’ll signal the end of The Last Act.
The Last Act of the Western Civilization.
Of course, it doesn’t have to be all bad. In fact, if I were younger, I’d be looking forward to the day when the West in general, and the USA in particular, would no longer need to consider themselves the Leaders or, at the very least, the Policeman of the world. There was a time when the USA led the world by example, not by spending more on armaments than the next ten countries put together. Nobody likes a bully, and only bullies need more arms than anybody else.
Back to the fat ladies. We are approaching the Last Act, anyway. Don’t believe? Listen to Chris Hodges.

It doesn’t have to be all bad. Perhaps the fat sopranos (and tenors) will get a little slimmer. Perhaps each American child will only leave a trail of waste 10 times bigger than children of eastern nations, instead of 20 times as big. Perhaps we shall all become more human, you know… the way we all were before the mighty dollar destroyed our sense of proportion. Before the capitalism gone wild became a rampart force that destroyed most of our minds and souls. Perhaps…
It seems that the human species advances into the murky, unknown future in cycles. Jainism teaches that there is neither end, nor beginning—just cycles.
Many years ago H.P. Blavatsky, in her book Esoteric Buddhism, which Albert Einstein is said to have kept it on his bedside table, wrote that the next “super race” would be yellow. No, it will not be a bigger, stronger copy of the American model. It will be as different from the US as US is different from the British Empire, as it was different from the Romans and all the intermediate feeble attempts to rule the world. It seems that even then she was right. Perhaps we should try to learn how to help them, the Yellow Race, with the experience we acquired, to avoid our mistakes. Perhaps they might last longer than we did.
And what can we do with our lives? One option is offered in Winston’s Kingdom. I’m sure you’ll think of others. As for my option, you might enjoy it more if you try parts One and Two of the Winston Trilogy first. Perhaps. 

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