Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Pluto Effect

This is a first advanced whisper about the intended sequel to my novel WALL, subtitled Love, Sex, and Immortality, which will expand the exploits of Simon and Ambrosia, into a full-blown Trilogy. Book Two would be named the Pluto Effect, and deal with the first phase of the Age of Aquarius in which the destructive elements assigned to Pluto would be manifest.
No, the book will NOT be about astrology, not even strictly Sci-Fi, although Aquarius, (Greek Hudrokhöos) is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, and number seven symbolizes individual perfection of man—hence my old passion for Human Potential. It, the sign, originates in the constellation of Aquarius and that is where the connection to astrology ends.

What concerns us are the lessons which each age is intended to impart on us. This is important, since the order in which we acquire new skills, or attributes, dictates how well the human race will survive each successive cycle. Yes, the whole species. Unbeknownst to most of us, we cannot advance until we do so as a whole species. Rampant egotism, which seems to have many of us in its fetters, is holding us back.
Each Age offers new lessons.
The Age of Aries, during which Moses was the great teacher, we were supposed to have learned control over our thoughts. When the Torah advises us to “go forth and multiply”, it is not referring to your sexual drive, but to increase the range of our thoughts. Try my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism. It will help explain many other apparent mysteries. The Dictionary has nothing to do with religion. It is an attempt to understand the knowledge, which our forefathers have accumulated over millennia. As for the old adage that thoughts are things, that they profoundly affect our lives, just happens to be true.
 The following age, the Age of Pisces, or fish, under the teaching of Yeshûa, tells us to learn about the unity of all mankind. The commandment to “love one another” means little more than, at the very essence of our being, we are one. When we lose the ability to tell the difference between “them” and “us”, we will have fulfilled the lesson assigned to the Age of Pisces. Regrettably, “many are called, but few are chosen”, even if it is we who make the choice.
Finally, at least for the present and a number of forthcoming generations, during the Age of Aquarius, the individual man, speaking generically, by the implicit command of his/her thoughts will wield enormous power. We might call it “the empowerment of the individual”. What in the past took a whole army to accomplish now a single individual can do so by, e.g. constructing an a-bomb on his/her kitchen table; if not today, then tomorrow. And let us not forget that we never failed to use all means at our disposal.
Hence, “love one another”, or… else.
Depending how well we’ve learned the lessons of previous Ages, we shall be able to exercise this power for or against our ‘neighbour’. 

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