Friday, 12 October 2012

Visualizing Reality

To visualize well, simply means, to imprint on our subconscious. That’s how our life manifests. That’s how history is made. That’s how we became what we are, today. That is how ‘miracles’ happen.
There is a fundamental difference between being (vaguely) aware of something and actually knowing something. It is comparable to the biblical expression that even if our faith were as small as a grain of mustard seed, we would move mountains. That is a metaphor, of course, but the essence is there. It is only when we commit knowledge deep enough to become part of our subconscious that it becomes integrated into our ‘true’ reality. Once there, it will, sooner or later, become manifest in our physical reality as well.
Why you may ask?
Because thoughts are the force behind the creative process, and our conscious mind is but a tip of the iceberg. The real power lies beneath the turbulent waters of our physical reality. It lies within the memory stored in our subconscious over millions, perhaps billions, of years.
To repeat, we must never forget that the physical reality we experience is the product of our thoughts and emotions. Whatever we truly believe in is real, to us, though sometimes only to us. No two people see reality in an identical way. That is as it should be, since diversity of expression is how the universe operates. By the universe I mean the sum total of the manifested, or the visible, tangible, world. Needless to say, an infinite number of alternative realities wait to be discovered within the, as yet un-manifested, infinite potential of our unconscious.
Yes. It is all within us. All of it. In its potential form.
Isn’t it fun?
The day we discover that we, and we alone, are the creators of the universe we live in, we begin to understand the concept of “ye are gods”. Of course, from that day on we can never again blame anyone for the universe we’ve created. It is like coming of age; like reaching adulthood; or, as Buddha would say, “of coming truly awake”. The potential for this awakening lies dormant within all of us. [If you don’t believe me, ask Buddha].
We imprint new realities on your subconscious by the process of visualization. To heal oneself we do not visualize the process of healing, but the result of it.[1] We must see ourselves completely healthy, in every sense of the word. Those who accept the existence of one’s “Higher Self”, one’s spiritual component, must simply attempt to visualize one’s perfect I AM, and finding It’s expression in the physical reality. After all, I AM is perfect.
There is more about this in my book, Visualization — Creating Your Own Universe. You might even become a conscious creator of your reality. Try it. 

[1]. Although some advocate visualizing the process of healing taking place. This seems to work only if one knows exactly what is wrong.

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