Monday, 8 October 2012

Black and White Magic or Love

The total Reality is ‘stored’ in our subconscious. It is a state of consciousness, made to measure, individualized by each one of us.
We create our heavens, our hells, our universes. We see the world as no one else can. Others can approximate our view, but never see it exactly as we do. That is why we are individuals—the inseparable components of the Whole. Love is the single most powerful force that enables us to do that. To be individuals.
If, within the universe of our creation, we are to be surrounded by people we love, than the time to start accumulating them is now. We don’t see people as they really are, only as we see them from a singular point of view.  If we want to rub shoulders with them, or with anybody, for countless eon in our ‘heavens’ (long periods between reincarnations), we’d better start thinking of them, of all people, as they really are. And that is, to see them as the embodiments of I AM.
Yes, every single one of us is an embodiment of the immortal, perfect, indestructible I AM, which, all too often, has as much of a problem showing Itself through the mask of the physical (mental and emotional) shroud as we have in perceiving It. But It is there—quiet, undemanding, loving unconditionally.
Sounds absurd, doesn’t it. The most powerful force in the universe sits back and watches us doing the best we can. Why? Because love does not impose. Let us never forget that love is the opposite of power. The more power you have, the lesser is your love.
I wrote in an essay on Power :
“Power first proposes, then imposes, finally forces us to obey. “For our own good”, of course. It takes away our freedom of choice, offers to do our thinking for us, lowers our resistance until we succumb to it. Power corrupts our minds, our ability to be individuals, to respect individuality; but mostly it corrupts the one exercising such power over others. You must be noble before you can be corrupted. Corruption is another word for compromise. Both jeopardize ethics. The greater the compromise the greater the corruption. As I mentioned before, power is the opposite of love. You can always compromise on power, never on love.”
There is more.

For now let us remember that thoughts are ‘things’. If you think yourself sick long enough, sick you will get. The same applied to our thoughts directed at people.  If we imagine someone in bad light such thought are paramount to Black Magic. To see them in good light—is White Magic. To see them as I AM—is to see them as they really are. Perfect. Friends for all eternity.

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