Thursday, 25 October 2012

Economic Growth

In my essay Life (Beyond Religion I) I indicate the rate at which the cells multiply. It seems that from that moment on we, the Homo supposedly sapiens (the latter word that implying wisdom), are obsessed with growth. Never mind whether it is good or bad, as long as it is bigger, longer or more idiotic than anything we could think of before. At least that is how our minds appear to work. We are born, we mature, we stop growing. Surely, people who want to keep growing are still immature. If they continue to grow, they just get fat and ugly. Well, fat, anyway.
We increased the population of the world well beyond the minimum necessary to sustain and preserve our species. Our buildings get taller, our airplanes fly faster, we need more than one house, more than one polluting car, our budgets get bigger…
Ah, yes. Our budgets get bigger. As do our debts. Much bigger.
No one seems to ask why? Why must we grow?
If we are immortal—and most Christians, Moslem, Hindus and Buddhist claim we are—why must we have everything today? At once… if not sooner?

The governments want to have a larger tax-base. The churches want bigger tithes. But… what’s in it for us, as individuals? Why should we increase our families, our budgets, domains, houses, cars, just about all our possessions? It’s not as if we could take any of the above with us? Will a premature heart attack for having to chase after the almighty dollar make us happy enough to make up for the peace, leisure, time to read, wonder the parks, enjoying the beauty of nature, perhaps write some poetry…?
Why must we destroy nature, poison our lakes and rivers, give respiratory diseases to our children, ah yes, and start wars to impose our dubious morality on others?
Why must we grow in quantity instead of in quality? We began in Eden. Now, the world we live is hardly makes any sense.
Must we continue to live in a world based on and filled with Delusions?

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