Monday, 18 December 2017

YESHÛA —The Quintessential Atheist

We all know that atheists do not believe in God. They accept that the Universe happened by accident. That evolution is but a natural expression of Nature, which, although almighty, is not God. In fact they believe in science, as though it were God, though they are well aware that, over the years, the scientists have been proven wrong again and again.
Some… still believe in Flat Earth.*
And then there are the Scientific Laws which no one can deny, at least not until they are proven scientifically wrong. The scientists consistently confuse laws with theories, hence their laws are equally as transient as their theories.

Yeshûa, better known as Jesus, wasn’t like that. He did not believe in anything tangible, anything permanent, other than the Spirit, which, it seems, in his vernacular meant the omnipresent wondrous, unexplainable, almighty Consciousness. He didn’t refer to it as God, or even god with a small ‘g’, but as his father.
Because he was well aware that everything tangible is transient, malleable, in a way, not real.
The only reality he recognized as real was the Sprit.
The same spirit which we now recognize as the amorphous omnipresent energy which is the source of all transient realities.
The Omnipresent, Amorphous, Energy.
Energy that, according to Einstein, is indestructible.

Yeshûa knew that he was born of this omnipresent amorphous energy. Indeed, as we all are. There is no other source. He also knew that if he connected, consciously with this energy, he could channel it to perform creative acts incomprehensible to other people. He could change its rate of vibration, hence nature.
Furthermore, Yeshûa recognized that while his physical body is transient, the consciousness, the individualized consciousness that resides within it, is not. In fact it is one and the same, and inseparable, from the omnipresent Consciousness which individualized Itself in and through him.
No room for any type of God in such philosophy. The Amorphous Energy of Consciousness already was omnipresent, eternal hence immortal, and of infinite potential.

And now, some two thousand years later, a bunch of very learned, very famous, educated scientists came to the conclusion that… all is energy.

The Omnipresent, Amorphous, Energy? 

Energy which, nevertheless, by changing its rate of vibrations, can change its nature, its character, its density, so much so that it becomes perceptible to our primitive senses.
Why primitive?

This Amorphous Energy has neither beginning nor is likely to have an end. It, again according to Einstein, is Eternal. Hence we, the instruments through which it manifests are in a constant condition of movement, or growth, hopefully evolution, hence whatever level we reached today it is but puerile compared to what we shall become millions of years from now.
Being never changes. Becoming is ever-changing. Yeshûa managed to unite the Two. The potential is within us all. Good luck. 

Personal Memoir of the
Missing Years of Jesus

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  1. *Samuel Shenton, the founder or the Flat Earth Society in 1956, was a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Geographic Society. Both highly respected 'scientific' groups.