Monday, 4 December 2017

Key to Immortality

We look upon vermin with disdain. It is a lowlife, as low as you can get. It is below contempt. Disgusting. Vermin is defined as parasitic worms and insects. They are perceived by us a despicable and as causing problems for the rest of society.
Only one form of life is lower than vermin and those are the microbes. The unicellular organisms, bacteria. They live together, in groups, colonies, yet each cell supports all the processes needed to survive. When they multiply, they eat all there is to be eaten, then move to better pastures, or… die.
Just like us? Humans?
Surely, we are more than vermin. More than unicellular microbes. Than bacteria.

Yes. There are the Chosen Few who don’t live like that. There are many more that are called, that know they are doing wrong, but are too lazy, too weak, too selfish, to change.
And then there is the rest, the overwhelming majority who don’t know what they are doing. They are all nice people. They “support all the processes needed to survive,” but they don’t care. They are the ignorant ones. They multiply until there is nothing more to eat. Then they move to better pastures or… die.
Reminds you of anything?

We ONLY differ in the awareness of the potential within us. Every single human being has the potential to rise above the physical survival mode of biological infestation, and aspire to greater things. “Ad Majora natus sum,” said my patron saint, Stanislaw Kosta. “I was born for greater things.” We all were. Every single one of us. We all have the potential to be as gods.
There is a catch, though.
To be gods we must act as gods.
We must at least resemble them. We cannot resemble the lowest form of life that proliferates this earth. And yet…
And yet, even microbes seem to aspire to greater things. There are 10 times as many microbial cells in the human body as there are human cells. They keep us alive.
Thank you.
Thank you, microbes.
Is this what we do? How many strangers, or even different species, do we keep alive? Surely, we cannot be lower than vermin? Lower than lowly microbes.
Can we?
Are we?
Our biological potential stretches from microbial cells to Einsteinian hundreds of trillions synaptic complexities. Also, our evolutionary past is scrupulously recorded in our DNA, the physical reflection of our subconscious. Are we just biological robots equipped with artificial intelligence?
Think again… are we?
According to Buddha, only until we awaken. According to Yeshûa (Jesus), we remain dead, until we come alive—until we discover who we really are. Until we discover that we are not our bodies, but indestructible individualizations of the omnipresent energy of Consciousness using them, temporarily, to manifests the Potential within us.
Are you awake yet?
Are you sure you’re alive?

Commentary on the Gospel of Thomas


  1. Just to cheer you up, a million years from now we shall look back upon us as primitive microbes. (At least, hopefully, some of us will, lol!)

  2. Of course, today's microbes will have evolved a human potential by then. They will be dropping bombs on each other.

  3. Well... well... What more is there to be said? Merry Christmas Microbes!

    1. Don't worry, Fred. Most of us will be recycled... But until then, Merry Christmas to you too!