Monday, 25 December 2017

ENIGMA of the Second Coming.

Very Merry Christmas to you all. 

People have a strange tendency to reduce everything to the level of their shallow understanding. Hence, we have preschool, primary school, secondary school and universities. If ratio hasn’t changed since 2010, of the 7.6 billion people only 6.7% have a college degree.
On the other hand, Albert Einstein made it clear that education begins when you forget everything you learned in school. Everything ingrained in your subconscious.
Hence, 93.3% of people have a head start.
Admittedly, they did not gain the advantage of having their gray cells subjected to rigorous training. On the other hand, they do not have to give up the acquired knowledge still lingering on the periphery of their consciousness, blocking access to the ‘unknown’.
Why should we forego the past?
Because in school they can only teach us what is already known. Stale, old, knowledge moldy with age. Yet the only knowledge they had been taught to rely on. On the other hand, learning from within, we cross new ground. Our imagination can take us beyond any knowledge already recorded. We can reach far, far beyond everything that is part of any curriculum in any high school or university. We must retain the technique of learning, but forego the theoretical substance. As Johann Sebastian Bach once said, “technique, technique, and technique, and then forget about it and… just play.” Just listen. Just learn. Just meet the knowledge within.

Genius manifests always from within.

But to achieve this, we must be willing to forget the past. To swim against the current of the so-called establishment. We cannot put “new wine into old skins.” What is even more difficult, we must be willing to discard recognition, fame, titles, and blaze a new trail.

To do that, we must start anew.

Start anew. Daily. To be prepared at all times, day and night, to accept new ideas making their way from the unconscious to the periphery of our consciousness. This alone crosses new ground. It initiates the process of converting potential into manifestation. Of converting an idea into the phenomenal reality.
To some of us, the “second coming” happens almost daily. A new idea, a new concept, awareness, an image, an ephemeral hypothesis, a transient postulation, can spring us along a road less travelled.
Artists are well acquainted with this.
Scientists less so.
The scientists are trained to guard, jealously, the knowledge they already possess. They accept the new ground, but only if it doesn’t contradict what they already think they know.

Second Coming is always from within.

It happens only to the Few. Once we learn to accept new knowledge from within, we begin to draw on infinite potential welling within us. The comings from within become a way of life. We rejoice in crossing new horizons.
Won’t you join us?
Each time we wake up in the morning, all of  us emerge from active periods spent in the reality of our subconscious. We call them dreams, yet they are no less real than anything we experience in a waken state. What is different is the rate of vibrations. We visit the antechamber of Heaven.

We are born again. Daily. 

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  1. Finding the state of knowledge of a field of endeavor certainly kept me from wasting time learning what had already been learned. What was my test to see if I had at least learned that? My first philosophy courses I would criticize the philospher, like Kant, before demonstrating I knew what he said and could advocate as well as he or better the ideas he presented. I was rapidly hauled back off my high perch with flunking grades on those tests. I was told to KNOW the topic before criticizing to avoid wasting time that if it were physics I'd be reinventing the vacuum tube, not knowing of the work done ahead of my time.

    Getting into the habit is effortful, but when the habit, say of instrument playing or typing or swimming is learned then the effortless tool serves me instead of me serving it.

    At first in skydiving the ground (the hardest part about skydiving by the way) crashed into me, then seemingly as effortless as throwing a switch, I began jumping onto the ground. Such is mastery.