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EVOLUTION—Search for Secular Ethics

A Very Happy NEW YEAR to you all!

There are three possible ways in which our reality may have developed. There may be many others, but speculation about them is beyond the scope of this blog. Feel free to contribute your ideas.

The first option is the Religious way.
Before anything became, God was.
Out of nothing God created Heaven and Earth. Having created us, apparently in His image, He dumped us on Earth, just so that we might have some fun before retiring to be bored forever-after in Heaven, i.e. to enjoy eternal rest after doing next to nothing while on Earth.
Or to retire and suffer forever-after in Hell, for doing next to nothing while on Earth.

The second option is the Scientific way.
Before anything became there was a Big Bang.
Nothing exploded into a Universe. The Universe continued to expand. Suddenly evolution was initiated by force or forces unknown, which resulted in Flora and Fauna. Out of these the human species evolved, which continued to grow more and more stupid in direct proportion to technological advancements.

The third option is a Middle Ground.
All is Energy of Consciousness which always was.
It is omnipresent, amorphous (vide various scriptures, they call it Spirit) and indestructible (vide Einstein et alii). In its purest form, It is characterized by an infinite rate of vibration. As the rate of vibration slows down, the energy metamorphoses into different forms and characteristics, eventually acquiring mass.
The Energy of Consciousness displays two opposing forces. One—to expand (vide science), in which the rates of vibration change creating diversity (vide evolution); and two—to contract back into its original state (vide various scriptures and, science: black matter, black energy etc).
The permanent balance between these two forces is sustained at the Event Horizon. This is where the equilibrium allows for the changes in the rates of vibration to be sustained for the longest time.
We know this range of sustained rate of vibrations as life, manifested as Flora and Fauna.
After countless billions of years, this sustained rate at the Event Horizon resulted (evolved into) autonomous Individualizations of the Omnipresent Consciousness. Gradually these Units developed a rudimentary artificial intelligence (egos), which could advance or detract from the infinite possibilities inherent in the omnipresent Energy of Consciousness.
Periodically, such units were changed into more advanced species.
All of the above is an ongoing process.

The collections of blogs, below, attempt to analyze the countless events in our lives in the hope of arriving at Secular Ethics. Such would eliminate any need for fundamentalism in religions or in science.
Gradually, the autonomous biological robots housing the individualizations of the Omnipresent Consciousness would advance in knowledge of infinite possibilities inherent in the energy of Consciousness. Secular Ethics would allow for an ongoing process of learning, as diversity continued to increase. Gradually the robots would become conscious participators in the creative process of the Universe.

Feel free to contribute your observations. 

Volumes 1 - 4
In Search of Secular Ethics

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  1. Upholding the "as above so below" premise, the "Straight and Narrow" corresponds to the "Event Horizon".