Monday, 8 January 2018

WINSTON TRILOGY—Ultimate Human Potential

Our only experience of life is the conversion of Infinite Potential into Transient Reality.

This is an eternal process.

God and Satan are human inventions. We see the world in dualistic terms, up and down, left and right, good and evil, hence, sooner or later, we had to invent a supreme source of good—God, and to balance this, a supreme source of evil—Satan.
Both, in our image, of course. 
Religions are based on duality. Good and evil are ingrained in our psyche. Religions speak of one God, yet persistently add Satan whom they endow with formidable powers.

…since science assures us that the Multiverse consists of energy, that has neither a beginning, nor can it be destroyed, Heaven and Hell must both be empty, or filled to capacity.

On the other hand...
…until recently, science taught us that our Universe was ‘born’ some 13.78 billion years ago.

Think of a ‘man’ born a few billion years ago.

Let us assume that a ‘man’ (generically speaking) would have reincarnated, every few thousand years. Hopefully, by now, he would be much more advanced in relation to us, than we are in relation of bed bugs. What is mystery to us, would be child’s play for him. Whereas we may be in charge of a family, a business, even a nation, he would be in charge of solar systems. He would be of virtually pure energy. His ‘body’ might be made up of tachyons, neutrino like massless particles, enabling him to travel through solids, as well as forwards and backwards in time.
This in no way contradict science.
His interest would not be in realities made up of transient particles, such as atoms, but only in the eternal evolutionary process. He would have probably created biological robots, endowed with artificial intelligence, able to support consciousness.
Consciousness is pure energy.
 The robots would help to translate his concepts into phenomenal reality. He would give his creation freedom of action just to increase diversity of creation.

We, in our abysmal ignorance, would call such a ‘man’ God, not aware that a billion or two years from now, we would also perform similar creative acts.
The concept of good and evil would be long gone. In sustaining phenomenal reality, the only thing that matters would be balance. Balance along the timeless path of the Event Horizon. A ‘man’ with billions of years of experience would balance the centripetal and centrifugal forces to allow solar systems to last long enough to have fun. To enjoy them. Even as we want to enjoy the toys we create. At least for a little while.
There would  be no need for good or evil.
Just balance to sustain our reality.
The Middle Path.
After reaching into the infinity of the unknown, we would return to the Event Horizon where peace rules. Peace beyond human understanding.
Peace of perfect, indestructible equilibrium.
 Winston is such a man.
He’d taken the first conscious steps to godhood. Perhaps you will be next?

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